vendredi 11 novembre 2011

Francisco Macias Nguema, unique miracle of Equatorial Guinea.

  Francisco Macias Nguema, the dictator of Equatorial Guinea had established in his country a bloody dictatorship and called himself "The only miracle that Equatorial Guinea has produced."
As a miracle, he had removed the hospitals, schools, churches and of his country's foreign exchange reserves of the country. He even forbade his countrymen to wear shoes, to leave and return home.
The son of a witch Fang Nsegayong born on 1 January 1924, emigrated in the region of Mongomo in Rio Muni, the young Masié (he changed his name later in Macías), was a mediocre product of the Catholic mission schools.
The colonial period, he had retained a fierce hatred against the Spaniards and those he called intellectuals.
In fact, lack of skills and knowledge, he has its slow progress in the colonial civil service.
On August 3, 1979, he was captured during the coup of his nephew, right arm and successor, Teodoro Obiang Nguema.
Locked in a cage of eight square meters, he still inspires terror to his captors. Summarily tried and convicted of genocide (50,000 dead and 150,000 refugees) September 29, 1979, he was sentenced to death and shot by his own lack of volunteers keeps Moroccan soldiers from Equatorial Guinea who took him for a quasi-god.
His countrymen feared the ghost of his posthumous revenge "reincarnated as a tiger."

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