mercredi 2 novembre 2011

Gambia: President Yahya Jammeh claims to cure AIDS.

In January 2007, Gambian President Yahya Jammeh said the captain that treatment with herbal medicine he had developed was curative against HIV / AIDS.

He has developed a special "decoction" whose composition is kept secret and put those infected with AIDS almost inevitably in its treatment. His care were made massage and concoctions and formulas of Muslim prayers.

According to the Gambian Minister of Health, Dr. Tamsir Mbowe, this remedy would have been developed with the knowledge of the family of Yahya Jammeh in traditional medicine and teachings of the Holy Qur'an.

Condemned by international aware that no known cure to date has been able to cure AIDS, he was quick to correct:

"I never said I could cure AIDS, but what I said is that I can deal with evil and rid the patient of the virus."

Seeking to quell the controversy, he claimed could cure many diseases considered incurable, including asthma, hypertension, diabetes and cancer soon.

Unexpected effect of this miracle cure, improvement in the use of ARV reducing the social stigma associated with HIV and making people realize that traditional treatments do not always work.

In 2004, the Gambia has received $ 34.4 million from the Global Fund against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and people living with HIV are eligible for free HIV treatment and opportunistic infections.

In 2008, UNAIDS estimated that 8,200 people in the Gambia living with AIDS or not they are passed into the hands of the president learned healer.

May 15, 2008, Yahya Jammeh has demanded that all homosexuals to leave The Gambia and threatened severe sanctions, those who not protect them.

Born May 25, 1965, Captain Yahya Jammeh overthrew President Dawda Jawara July 22, 1994 and was re-elected every five years.

Gambia, a small country of 11,300 km2 surrounded by Senegal around the Gambia River is inhabited by 1,735,464 people (2008).

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