samedi 5 novembre 2011

Germany: The lover of the violet Witch.

Margot Honecker, born Feist was born in Halle April 17, 1927. In 1953, she married Erich Honecker, the future leader of East Germany who came to divorce Edith Baumann.
         In 1952, she gives him a daughter, Sonja. Secretary of operator training, she has served as Minister of Education for twenty-six years, from 1963 to 1989.
Nicknamed "purple witch" because of the color of her hair, she was one of the most hated women in East Germany. In November 1976, she visited the famous troubadour protest of Jewish origin, Wolf Biermann in East Berlin to give order to cancel his visit to Federal Republic of Germany, otherwise it would not be allowed to return to Germany the East.
The musician who left Hamburg to East Berlin "conviction" in 1953 was effectively stripped of his nationality after a concert in Cologne in 1977. That was the end of hope for many dissidents, and the end of "critical solidarity" vis-a-vis to the Honecker regime that the campaign of protests in the West and East stiffened even more.
In 2007, Florian Havemann, son of the physicist Robert Havemann (1910-1982) nicknamed the "Sakharov of the GDR," said in a book that his brother Wolf Biermann had an affair with Margot Honecker in 2003, he ensured to be "an extremely intelligent woman, though not cultivated and friendly."
         Margot Honecker lives holed up in Chile since 1993. Her husband, Erich Honecker died in Chile May 29, 1994.

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