jeudi 24 novembre 2011

Germany/D. R. of Congo: Atone for the sins of his father in Congo.

The eldest son of Martin Ludwig Bormann, the alter ego of Adolf Hitler and Gerda Buch, Martin Bormann Adolf Jr., godson of Adolf Hitler  who was nicknamed "Krönzi (Crown Prince)" was born April 14, 1930.
         He is a terrorised child. He never forgot his visit to the mistress of Heinrich Himmler in 1944 with headquarters office in human bones and the cover of his "Mein Kampf / My Struggle for Hitler" in human skin from concentration camp of Dachau and other objects of art in human bones and lampshades of human skin!
         From 1940 to 1945, he participated in the Nazi Academy of Bavaria.
         At the end of the war, he fled without his parents and is rescued by a peasant family in Salzburg, Austria. This Christian charity led him to be baptized in 1947. The same year he was recognized and briefly imprisoned.
In 1953 he was ordained a priest in Austria and entered the order of the Missionaries of the Sacred heart of Jesus (French congregation). He worked several years in the Belgian Congo, where in 1964 he was taken hostage by the Mulelists rebels .
         On November 28, 1964, he was discharged from the Congo in Brussels by the Belgian-American troops with 26 other missionaries. In 1969, he suffered a serious car accident and cared for by a nun, Sister Cordula.
         In 1971, after the Vatican's refusal to assign him to Latin America, he unfrocked and married with Cordula.  He became professor of religion, philosophy and theology.
         In 1992 he retired and devoted himself to defending the victims of the Holocaust and the fight against denial of the Shoa.

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