mardi 22 novembre 2011

Great Britain: The Iron Lady is rusty.

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Hilda Thatcher, nee Roberts (1979-1990) suffering from dementia for seven years, wrote her daughter Carol Thatcher journalist in his book: "A Swim-On Part In The Goldfish Bowl: A Memoir."
         "I always thought of her as the Iron Lady 100% stainless steel, on which the age and time have no meaning. We never needed to say things twice ... but mom started asking the same questions constantly, unconsciously, "she writes.
         The former prime minister, born in 1925, also sometimes behaves as if her husband Denis Thatcher (born 1915), died in 2003, was still alive.
         "I have to tell him the bad news over and over again ... Every time that she finally realizes ... she looks at me sadly and said, Oh."
The declassified documents from 10 Downing Street reveal his penchant for whiskey.
         His son, Mark Thatcher (born in 1953 and Carol's twin) was sentenced to a fine of 500,000 dollars and sentenced to four years suspended sentence for attempted coup in Equatorial Guinea.

         In February 2009, Carol Thatcher  was dismissed by the BBC to have made ​​racist remarks about the French tennis champion, of Congolese origin, Tsonga Jo-Wilifried. She compared him to "a rag doll with a black face with spiky hair and well known across the Channel" at the Australian Open in Melbourne.
         After these racist, she found refuge in Switzerland (where reside also Tsonga Jo-Wilifried) after receiving death threats.

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