mardi 29 novembre 2011

Japan: Prime Minister's wife was a Venusian.

Miyuki Hatoyama, wife of Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama (born 1947) had said on television that she had been transported in a flying saucer on Venus (The very strange things that I have met) and she had known the American actor Tom Cruise in a previous life. Tom Cruise played in "The Last Samurai" was filmed in Japan in 2003.
Ms. Hatoyama was born in Shanghai in 1943 to Japanese parents in the days when Japan occupied parts of China and raised in the great port city of Kobe (center-west).
Former actress, Miyuki danced and sang for the magazine in the 60 Takarazuka, an all-female troupe before moving to the United States with her first husband, a Japanese restaurant.
         She then meets Yukio Hatoyama in California where he was preparing a PhD at Stanford University. They married in 1975. Their only son, Kiichiro, 33, is an engineer and worked as a researcher in Moscow.
She is author of several books on macrobiotic cuisine, including: "the spiritual nourishment of Miyuki Hatoyama" or "spiritual food recipes Hawaiian." She also advises her husband on his image.
The First Lady of Japan admitted that she had learned to dress, to campaign and act as the wife of a politician in order with his stepmother Yasuko, daughter of the founder of tire maker Bridgestone.
"I feel relieved to come home, it recharges my batteries, my sun," Yukio Hatoyama welcomed recently.
The Democratic Party of Japan, led by Yukio Hatoyama, won a landslide victory in elections on August 30, 2009, winning 308 of 480 seats in the lower house. Coming to power ended the domination exercised by the almost uninterrupted Liberal Democratic Party for more than half a century.
Unpopular, he resigned June 2, 2010.

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