mardi 1 novembre 2011

Kenya: The friends of Jesus Christ for a review of his conviction.

Kenya: The friends of Jesus Christ for a review of his conviction.

         A religious group in Kenya called "Friends of Jesus "
asked the High Court in Nairobi to declare "null and void" the death sentence of Jesus Christ and his crucifixion "illegal".

         "The request will be reviewed by the Constitutional Commission of the court who will decide to appoint a judge to call the matter in court. The complainants may be entitled to a trial, if one considers that the matter affects the rights of the man, and that the High Court has full authority in this matter "
told Agence France Presse, Mr. Indindis, the spokesman of the court.

         "The trial of Jesus, his crucifixion and his conviction violated the laws of the time, and must be corrected by modern law. Crucifixion was intended, in Roman law in force at the time, for crimes of theft , treason, rape and contempt of the Emperor "
has confirmed the lawyer for the Friends of Jesus, Mr. Humphrey Odanga.

         Humphrey Odanga continues: "We want to establish a court to make things clear, that Jesus was not a criminal. Do we worship a convicted criminal?".

         The Kenyan courts are competent, he said, because the country's legal system is based on the Bible or the Koran and the sacred books to which witnesses are sworn.

"And even if they were competent, there are limitations,"
said Mr Albert Kulob.


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