lundi 21 novembre 2011

Lebanon / Iran: Gender segregation or social privilege!

Lebanon: Taxi for women in Lebanon

            Since March 2009, for travel in town, the Lebanese now have the “Taxi Banat” or “Taxi for Women”,
the cars driven by women and exclusively reserved for the fairer sex.
”Pink flower in her hair and makeup in delicate pink. So we’re going to dress up every day,”
proudly launches Souad, a mother of four, driving a Peugeot ... pink. It is one of three conductors recruited by Taxi Banat.
            ”At first I thought it would be difficult to find women drivers seen in Lebanon is a profession of men: I was surprised to receive dozens of requests,”
says Nawal Yaghi Fakhri , director of the new company.
            Based in Mtayleb, northeast of Beirut, the company has received support from the Ministry of Tourism, who sees an opportunity to attract the rich gulf holiday travel preferring female on board taxis.
            ”This is the second such initiative in the Arab world after the United Arab Emirates,”
he told AFP Lina Ghanem, a spokesman for the ministry.
            ”I find that there is gender discrimination,”
a mocking loose Jad Fakhoury, a businessman of 40, who attended the initiation ceremony.
In London there are also the “Pink Ladies cabs” taxis exclusively for women.
In Moscow there are also pink taxis for women operated by the company Pinktaxi founded and run by a woman.
            Except that the rose is held for prisoners in Rwanda, many of them are killers ... what should hinder Rwanda to visit Lebanon!

Iran: Arezu, territory reserved exclusively for women.

            The Iranian authorities have
decided to convert the island of Arezou, one of 102 islands in the salt lake Urmia (5,200 km2), a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1976, near the border with Turkey, land reserved exclusively for women.
All jobs on the island is reserved for female staff: Public transport, restaurants, facilities on the island, etc ...
            ”The island of Arezou, one of 102 islands in Lake Oroumiyeh, will be equipped especially for women. There will be no men on the island. This would give a boost to tourism in the region,”
said one city official, Aghai, the newspaper Emrouz.
            The decision was approved by the representative in the province of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who said she was not contrary to the “Sharia” (Islamic law), he added.
            Iran, Islamic law forbids women to appear unveiled before men.
Some beaches in the south and the north is already reserved only for Iranian women, that may be disclosed without fear. In some cities, there are also parks for women.

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