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Morocco/England: Latin America has failed to be colonized by the Moroccans!

Moulay El-Mansur Saadi al-Sharif "The Winner" (also called golden Ad-Dahbi/le), King of Morocco, sixth sultan of the Saadian dynasty ascended the throne of Morocco in 1578. In 1590, Moroccan troops (4,000 Grenadians, 500 Europeans, 60 Christians and 1,500 lancers Moroccans and local auxiliaries), commissioned by the Pasha Djouder, a eunuch Spanish, born in Cuevas de Vera, in the province of Almeria in 1550 , converted to Islam, conquered the Sudan and the empire of Gao.

         The conqueror of Morocco created the pachalik Sudan on the ruins of the Black African empire and entrusts power to a pasha. Then he married Hayzman (the vine), a beautiful black woman whom he made his favorite. She was at the height of his fame.

         His friendship is sought by all European rulers: King Henry III of France (1551-1589) applies for a loan of 150,000 crowns, King Philip II of Spain (1527-1598) sent him presents, the Queen of France Catherine de Medicis (1519-1589) eye on the prosperity of Morocco.

         The Moroccan Sultan is jealous of Catholic Spain enriched by the Aztec gold. He reinforces his alliance with the other great power of the time, England, where Queen Elizabeth I reign "The Virgin Queen" (1533-1603).

         In 1590, King James VI of Scotland and England (1566-1825) is convinced that "no Christian prince, apart from Elizabeth I, had never been to the Turk as a high esteem."

         Anglo-Islamic friendship leads to intense cooperation takes many forms and business resulting in joint military expeditions, such as the Anglo-Moroccan attack on Cadiz in 1596.

         At the time, while London has a vibrant Muslim community. At the same time, in Morocco alone, there are more English than in the new American colonies.

         In 1603, Moulay Ahmed El-Mansour, is a serious proposal to his ally at the time, Queen Elizabeth I: England must help the Moors to colonize America.

         The Sultan offers to the Queen of England as Moroccan troops and English, carried by English ships, go attack all the Spanish colonies of America, hunt their common enemies detestable Spanish, took possession of the land and keep them "forever in our common authority."

         Would not it more reasonable, suggests the Moroccan king, that most future colonists were Moroccan rather than English, "in view of the great heat of the climate, including those in your country are not fit to stand the ends, then our men not? "
. After careful consideration, the Moroccan offer was not accepted by Her Majesty!

         After all, as pointed out by Professor Nabil Matar in his study of the relationship of Anglo-Islamic relations, the English being so closely allied to the Moroccans as their nominal overlords, the Ottomans: in fact, Pope Pius V, Antonio Michele Ghislieri (1504-1572) saw the Elizabeth I of England in 1570 he was excommunicated as "an accomplice of the Turks."

         In those days, the English might have reservations about Islam, but they were nothing like hatred, mixed with fear that they inspired the "Popery."

         The fate of one of Moroccan monarch Elizabeth I joined in death. While he is carried to 54 years in his palace in Fez by the plague that devastated Morocco in 1603, the Queen of England goes out the same year at age 70 at the Palace of Richmond near London.
Read: Nabil Matar, Turks, Moors and Englishmen in the Age of Discovery,
Columbia University, USA, 2000.

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