vendredi 4 novembre 2011

The “nécrotourisme” a hit in San Salvador

Since 2008, tourism in the cemetery of "Los Illustrious" in downtown San Salvador is in vogue. At night, light floods the angels, seraphim virgin marble on the graves and mausoleums trees.
For almost one year, tourists regularly visit "these famous people of San Salvador." Located in the heart of the capital, near the central market is one of the great cemeteries of the country opened August 27, 1849: 35 acres of land on which rest the departed wealthy families, politicians, writers, generals, former presidents as well as ordinary citizens.
More than 350 people visit the cemetery month tour, surrounded by officers of the Division of Tourism Division of the National Police.
"People are very interested in the" nécrotourisme "advances, many come because they think they can be witnesses of supernatural apparitions, but they also come to appreciate the beauty and richness of the cemetery mortuary sculpture, here there are real jewels ", told Agence France-Presse (AFP), the historian Carlos Canas, a guide for the visit.
Curiously, the creator of "nécrotourisme" in San Salvador is not the historian, but a police officer, the head of the Tourism Division of the police, Vladimir Caceres, who organized this event to bring the police closer to the population as part of its prevention activities.
"It's good to be here is an experience of another world, it's nice to admire the works of that place and also to learn more about the history of this country," explains Fernanda Gonzales, a Spaniard who spends his holidays in El Salvador.
The most beautiful sculpture, according to historian Canas is "La Novia (Bride)" a white marble sculpture representing full size Lidia Cristales, a young woman who died poisoned in her wedding dress before the altar in time to get married May 26, 1924.

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