mercredi 2 novembre 2011

Swiss bank secret and the quarrel of Germans.

In 2008, German intelligence bribe an official of German bank for 4 million Euros for bank data that steals persons having an account in Lichtenstein. This case led to the arrest of including Klaus Zumwinkel, former head of Deutsche Post.
         In 2009, the German finance minister accuses Switzerland "to encourage foreigners to violate the laws of their country." He compared the Swiss to "Indians fleeing the cavalry" to cover up their banking secrecy.
         In response to this attack, the Christian Democrat MP of St. Gall, Thomas Müller says Peer Steinbrück reminded him of "this generation of Germans who were walking in the streets, there is sixty years with leather coats, boots and armbands "
, referring to the Nazis!
         To ridicule the German Minister of Finance, the Swiss minister of infrastructure and the environment, Moritz Leuenberger, displays on his website the portraits of seven members of the Federal Council (Swiss Government) disguised as Indians and Indian sides to German cowboys.
         As a reminder,
Helvetic bank secrecy has been enshrined in law precisely  in 1935 to protect German citizens against the fiscal inquisition of the Hitler regime ...!

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