dimanche 13 novembre 2011

To His Excellency Mr. Alpha Condé, President of Guinea.

Excellency, Mr President,

You are the second African president to whom I am speaking personally and through my mail, you will understand why I do it just at the beginning of your mandate.
         As far as I go back in my life, your country, Guinea has aroused in me an emotional intensity almost umbilical.
         One day in November 1960, a White Father returned from the Futa Jallon showed us beautiful pictures of Guinea. The beautiful plates of the Futa Jallon with cows as alike as two peas in my native Kivu.
         White Father then told us about some of Ahmed Sekou Toure of Guinea, which in 1958 had dared to say "No" to the friendship offered him by General De Gaulle and prefer "poverty in freedom to riches in slavery "
         In retaliation, the French teachers were torn to small Guineans their textbooks including the famous "Mamadou and Bineta."
For the young student I was, my first tear textbook entitled "My friend Noé" was a sacrilege.

         I wondered why the union on behalf dared bring up her young compatriots and illiteracy and savagery!
         Especially since a few months later, he was accused by the same White Father to support the communist Patrice Lumumba. I put that on account of his religious faith different from mine!
         Later at the University, when I knew he was a descendant of the Almamy Samory Toure who had fought French colonial expansion and understood the price of independence in Africa, I began to admire and monitored radio diatribes inflamed.
What he spoke well!

         Until he sank into megalomania and tyranny. On Christmas Eve 1970, the arrest and conviction to penal servitude for life of Archbishop Raymond-Marie Tchidimbo, Archbishop of Conakry whose moral authority was recognized throughout sub-Saharan Africa put an end to my admiration for the which was more than a megalomaniacal tyrant. The same year, sentenced to death in absentia, you started to fight with all your strength from Paris.
         In March 1976, he committed a crime for any young African intolerable: he would die of "starvation diet and black"
in the camp Mamadou Boiro disaster, "Mr. Diallo Telli", first Secretary General of the Organization of African Unity. Brilliant, beautiful and elegant, this was a young Guinean international image I had of a decolonized Africa. For me and my colleagues, he was the successful model to emulate.
         If I had been asked to go and fight Ahmed Sekou Toure, I would have done willingly, I was so deeply affected by this horrible murder without trial. When he declared war on the Fulani, my "brother farmers” of the plateaux of Futa Jallon, his speech gave me goosebumps! A president who declared war on some of his people? Unimaginable!
         Since that time, I began to follow almost day to day the painful path of the Guinean opponents: You, the journalist Siradiou Diallo, Jean-Marie Dore, Mamadou Ba, Professor Ibrahima Baba Kake, novelists Tierno Monénembo,  Williams Sassine, etc ... I return the path to my "Biographical Dictionary of Africans."

         I still remember like it was yesterday, the terrible earthquake that shook Guinea on Christmas 1983 followed three months later the sudden death of Sekou Toure. The image of the boy wiping his giant portrait on the wall of Conakry, also illustrating the end of some Guinea. The comments of President Leopold Sedar Senghor summarized well the personality of the "Syli": "History will record his long struggle against colonialism, but it can not forget the thousands who died in awful conditions."

Excellency, Mr President,

         After the death of Sekou Toure in april 1984, Guinea entered into a deep coma that I thought irreversible. It was delivered to General Lansana Conte, whose mental retardation was inversely proportional to the intelligence of his countrymen gained in often painful on the benches of foreign universities. But how many millions more have not had the opportunity or have lost their lives?
         And as to drive the point from the curse of Guinea, his long illness badly treated by local quacks knocked your beautiful country from bad to worse. How to explain that a president can transfer 250 kg of gold per month in Switzerland and be afraid to seek treatment there? Knowing that the country identifies the best clinics in the world? Almost dying, it is with fear in the belly, under the gaze of about thirty people he did not make preliminary examinations followed the Cliniques Universitaires of Geneva! Apparently he had been forced by an influential friend in despair!
         His death which some begged in the strongest terms ended in the coup of nonentity Camara. At first, I suspected that in his low forehead hid a sparrow brain. I had the confirmation when I saw him on television to receive the news in bed and continue his ardor a young female reporter.


         In April 2009, during the International Book Fair in Geneva, I must admit I had a bet with fellow Guinean your opponent Diallo would win the presidential election.
         But in reality during the long suspense between two rounds of the election, I thought: "Provided that the election be held and the best man win."
After your election, I welcome the end of your victory and I congratulate your opponent who had the elegance to concede defeat. In fact, you're both winners, because through you, it Guinean democracy won.
         Simply that you meet the currency of the play, leaving him to play his role as loyal opposition leader and then you would give him elegantly the power at the end of your term if he wins the next election.
         As Nelson Mandela, you are entitled to an honorable retirement while he has a duty to continue your work.
         Your birthright, your intelligence and experience will be worth the admiration of future generations if you manage to establish democracy. Do not you think that your first name Alpha (the first letter of the Greek alphabet), you also brought happiness?
         In fact you represent all those who fought for the restoration of democracy in Guinea and died without having achieved this goal. Your former colleagues in the opposition, Ibrahima Baba Kake, Siradiou Diallo, Mamadou Ba will not die for nothing, because in Africa, "the dead are never dead. He is the breath of the ancestors.
They scrutinize our actions and guide our steps!"
Now it is your responsibility to prove that you "An African commitment, you know what you want for Guinea"
to borrow the title of your book published by Picollec in 2010.

Excellency, Mr President,

         The image of your country has been tainted by violence, you must first and foremost wash that image. The monuments of this stain are first infected than are the old people's homes Guinean prisons. It is almost unnecessary to remind you, because in 1998-1999, you stay in the Central House of Coronthie after your unsuccessful candidacy in the presidential election.
         If your jailer Lansana Conte had not "been bored with your story"
to use his own words, by his peers Abdou Diouf, Omar Bongo Odimba, Madeleine Albright, Jacques Chirac and Alpha Omar Konare, you will have certainly left your life there. Modesty vis-à-vis the faint of heart, I would not describe the conditions in Guinean prisons.
         I implore you, Mr. Chairman, before thinking about justice reform in your country, please shave these horrors from another age!          This is the first step towards respect for human rights! Quickly replace all corrupt prison guards who confuse prisoner and human waste!
         Without waiting please organize a "Truth and Reconciliation Commission"
to ensure that all Soussou, Malinke, Wolof, the Fulah, Fulani and other ethnic groups can feel Guineans and non supporters of Sékou Touré, Lansana Conté, Moussa Dadis Camara, Alpha Condé or Celloun Dalein Diallo.
         That both groups continue to look like china dogs, with the air of conquerors or conquered until the next elections! You will be surprised yourself with what ardor, a people long deprived of their liberty back to work when he recovers!

Excellency, Mr President,

         Before moving to Geneva a friend millionaire had pointed out that the Swiss walked head down!
         When I asked him why, he replied, laughing it's because their wealth was stored in the vaults of banks!
         Proud of their country, Guineans still walk with their head up right. Your country is a cornucopia of agricultural and geological scandal!
         Why not look down and explore these rivers gold and waters that carry the most beautiful gemstones in the world? These mountains of gold, uranium, coltan, nickel, cassiterite, bauxite, copper, silver, platinum, manganese, zinc, iron, lead, oil, etc. .. . do not ask a shovel for you spit billion.
         Just to mechanize agriculture and livestock of these wonderful trays climate paradise to feed the rest of Africa! Not to mention that the Guinean forest detect rare species! And what a pleasure tourists will travel around your beautiful areas untouched?
         You do not even need to solicit investors, they were only waiting for peace to come to Conakry.
         I hope you at least have sought the support of the Swiss Federal Council to recover millions (or billions) of Swiss francs stolen by Conte and deposited in banks Geneva? Two hundred kilos of gold and / or refined platinum in Metalor SA every month for decades, it has to do a huge amount!
         When your fellow like me will understand why the Swiss walk heads down, they will also understand that the large robe is worn only on the day of God is to say, on Friday for Muslims, Saturday for Jews or Sunday for Christians.
         And the rest of the week, we must transform Guinea in paradise!

Excellency, Mr President,

         Let me once again to rejoice with you on your victory because I love Guinea as my own country. I suffered in silence seeing you suffer the horrors of the dictatorship that I myself have suffered from Mobutu in Zaire and have fled here over a quarter of a century to preserve my freedom of thought.
         I wish you good luck in your exciting task, Professor ... and as they say in Switzerland "Bon Vent" to say "Good lucky"

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