mercredi 23 novembre 2011

USA: Whoopi Goldberg and her origins in Guinea-Bissau

In 2006, during the show "African American Lives" hosted by Rick Kittle on the U.S. television network PBS, black celebrities were submitted to DNA testing to determine their African roots.
The host Oprah Gail Winfrey (55) has learned that it had its roots among the Kpelle Liberia and Whoopi Goldberg, whose real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson (51) had its origins in Papel and Bayote two tribes living in the village of Ome, in Guinea-Bissau.
"This woman must be a Papel," Iye Faustino and Justice, 28, noting that the shape of his mouth and nose are similar to those of women of the village.
As soon as the government of Guinea-Bissau heard the news, he extended an invitation to the actress via the Embassy of the United States.
"Your Excellency Whoopi Goldberg is with great euphoria that the government of Guinea-Bissau (...) learned your ancestral origins. The news awakened all of us a deep sense of fraternity (... ) we simply can not remain indifferent to the new (...) please, come visit our country. "
"We are waiting with great anticipation," said Prime Minister Aristides Gomes, who said he likes the movie "The Color Purple"
"Who would I see if I went back, if I were able to return to the village? Shall I know someone? Did they look like my mother?" Said the actress who apparently is in no hurry to visit the country of its origin ... especially because of his symphonies for the plane.

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