mardi 29 novembre 2011

When Osama bin Laden inspired poems "The African Garbo", his mistress!

Naima Bint Harith, Kola Boof is called the daughter of Harith Bin Farouk Egyptian archaeologist and Somali Jidda, born March 3, 1972 in Omdurman in Sudan.
         She is 9 years old when his parents die murdered before his eyes for denouncing slavery in Southern Sudan. She was raised by a grandmother, Najet Kolbooker, which makes it adopted by an Ethiopian in London before it was adopted by Melvin and Claudine Johnson, an African American couple living in Anacostia Park, near Washington, DC.
In her autobiography "Diary of a Lost Girl" describes her intimate relations with the Islamic terrorist, Osama bin Laden in Marrakech, Morocco in 1996 (she was kidnapped and forced to be the mistress of it!) for six months.
         In 1998, she was sentenced to death by the networks of Osama Bin Laden. She later received numerous death threats from Islamists including the Fatwa of Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed of the Court of Sharia law in Khartoum, Sudan.
His writing career began in 1997 when businessman Russom Damba finance his first collection of poems "Every Little Bit Hurts."
She is divorced mother of two children and lives in California in the United States under the protection of the police.
         Dubbed the "African Garbo" by the New York Times, she campaigned against slavery in Sudan, against Islam and the rights of Muslim women. She is a poet, short story writer and novelist.
His bibliography include:
-Every Little Bit Hurts (collection of poems), 1997.
Long Train to the Redeeming Sin: Stories About African Women, Door of Kush, 2001.
-Diary of a Lost Girl (autobiography), Door of Kush, 2003.
-Flesh and the Devil (with Said Musa), Door of Kush, 2004.
Nile River Woman, novel, Door of Kush, 2004.

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