vendredi 18 novembre 2011

Zaire: Do not touch my AIDS patients!

Researchers in S.I.D.A. trail to discover the vaccine.

         In 1982, the fight against vivisection and the use of animals in laboratories is increasing in the West. Fronts of the Animal Liberation organized. In Zaire, the monkeys are popular dishes, so there is no question of use in laboratories.
         How to test the vaccine Mobutu-Mubarak (MM1.) discovered in 1987 by Dr. Zagury Shaffik from Egypt and the Zairian Professor Lurhuma Zirimwabagabo?
Simple! President Mobutu Sese Seko ordered the military to be vaccinated against HIV with the Vaccine MM1 and served as guinea pigs.
All happy, they have felt to serve a noble cause and universal. But now, the vaccine was never approved by the competent international bodies!
The humor in Kinshasa called a beer popular in Kinshasa "Castel" "Cure Anti-Sida Testé par Lurhuma" in English : Cure Against-Aids Tested and Experienced by Lurhuma.

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