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Belgium: Arcadia Claret-Meyer, mistress of H.M. Leopold I.

 "When he meets the Claret Viescourt Arcadia in 1844, Leopold I (1790-1865) was the father of three young children and, in addition, the health of his second wife, Queen Louise-Marie, is faltering. Add to this the fact that under the legislation of the time, elected royal heart is still a minor age: he was only 18 when the relationship began when the King was already widely over fifty. Therefore, the father of Arcadia, a lieutenant-colonel of the Belgian Army, was not conducive to this idyll "says Victor Capron.
For convenience, he is officially married for the royal stables, Frederick Meyer (1808-1864) who permanently erased after the ceremony, except to sign official documents from time to time.
The beautiful Arcadia is housed in a mansion at No. 47 rue Royale with his servants, his car and livery.
In 1850, she was offered the Eppinghoven area, 123 hectares, including a former convent, farms and land, Holzheim Germany.
The following year, she received the Stuyvenberg castle in Laeken, bought by Leopold II (1835-1909) in 1889 and serves as the official residence of Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde.
Leopold I hope that the first two are ennobled illegitimate son, but the Belgian government is opposed, then it is happy for his son and the mother of the title Coburg.
In 1863, Ms. Claret Arcady Meyer and his son are created "baronins von Eppinghoven" in Gotha.
To avoid scandal around this connection, the Belgian king distributes the "hush money (money paid to keep quiet)" to newspapers, says the historian Jean Stengers (Vertigo of the historian, the stories at the risk of chance, Brussels, 1998).
From this union were born two children prohibited the King wanted to keep out the need to leave them, via a secret fund and numerous real estate investments, part of his huge private fortune.
After over 150 years, there remains nothing more financial wealth was squandered by George (1849-1904) and Arthur Meyer von Eppinghoven (1852-1940), the illegitimate son of Leopold 1st.

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