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Britain: What if the Rolling Stones were demonic?

In the 1960s, the Rolling Stones, British rock band formed in London in 1962 around Brian Jones and pianist Ian Richards, bassist Bill Wyman and drummer Charlie Watts has conveyed the image of "bad boys, rebels and surly ".
In London, Kenneth Anger had succeeded in recruiting to Satanism the girlfriend of Rolling Stones, Anita Pallenberg. The latter met the Rolling Stones in 1965. She immediately began sexual relations with three of the five group members.
Speaking of Anita, Anger said, "I believe that Anita is, to be exact, a witch ... The occult members within the Stones was Keith, and Is not Brian. You see, Brian was also witchcraft. " In 1968, the group changed its status and becomes a satanic group! reveals the daily "Le Soir" of Belgium of August 27, 2011.

The novel diabolical "The Master and Margarita" of  doctor Mikhail Bulgakov..

         Marianne Faithful receives from her partner Mick Jagger, the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov Afanasievich (1891-1941), entitled "The Master and Margarita", written between 1928 and 1940. A classic of Russian literature of the twentieth century.
The Ukrainian Doctor Bulgakov began writing the novel in 1928. In March 1930, he burns the manuscript in a stove when he learns that the Russian authorities had to ban his play "The cabal of the devout." He starts writing again his novel in 1931. And ends the second manuscript in 1936. This release contains every episode beyong final frame. The third version was completed in 1937.
But he is not satisfied and is assisted by his wife to refine the fourth version. But before the finish, he fell seriously ill and died on 10 mars1940. He was only 48 years. It is his wife, Anna Saakyants which completes the work in 1941.

The inspiration for the song "Sympathy for the Devil."

The work of Dr. Bulgakov is an allegory about good and evil while the Rolling Stones song is the story of some harm done by the devil on earth. He claims to have stolen a lot of men their souls and their faith. He was not far when he doubted and suffering, while ensuring that Pontius Pilate washes his hands to seal the fate of Christ.
The second chapter of the book is devoted to Jesus Christ before Pilate.
The rest of the book is a non-chronological succession of atrocities committed by the Devil in Russia, where he destroyed the Tsar Nicolas II with his family because it was time for change.
         He speaks of "Bilitzkried" during the second world. He talks about the Hundred Years War caused by religious differences. He is up to the twentieth century with the assassination of the Kennedy brothers (John and Robert) in the United States.
Finally, he concludes with a warning evil: "If you cross me, be courteous, have the sympathy and taste, do show of politeness, or I'll throw your soul to waste."
         In a world torn by wars, terrorist crimes, murder, rape, etc.., He sings the devil and the simple philosophical representation of our mind?

In the first few pages of the book, we find this sentence: "Excuse me, please, not your knowledge, let me introduce myself." Thus, a stranger comes to two people talking to each other. This person is the devil himself.

Sympathy for the Devil !

Translated into lRock and Roll’s language, this gives the famous "Please allow me to Introduce myself," the first words of the legendary "Sympathy For The Devil" that has made famous the Rolling Stones.
At the time the song was a scandal to many parents offended. It was proof that rock 'n roll music was evil. But it never began its worldwide success.

Text of the song.

Allow me to introduce myself
I am a rich man who has taste
I hung in the corner for many, many years
And I flew many souls and faith

And I was in the corner when Jesus Christ
Had his moments of doubt and pain
And I'm damn well sure that Pilate
Washes his hands and sealed his fate.

Nice to meet you
I hope you guess who I am
But what troubles you
The nature of my game

I lingered in St. Petersburg
When I saw that it was time for things to change
I killed the Czar and his ministers
Anastasia screamed in vain.

I was driving a tank
And had the rank of general
When the Blitzkrieg raged
And the bodies stank

Nice to meet you
I hope you guess who I am
But what troubles you
It is the nature of my game

(Wouhouh, Wouhouh, Wouhouh, Wouhouh)
I watched with joy
Your kings and your queen (Wouhouh, Wouhouh)
Fighting for ten decades (Wouhouh, Wouhouh)
For the gods they had created. (Wouhouh, Wouhouh)

I cried, (Wouhouh, Wouhouh)
"Who killed the Kennedys? "(Wouhouh, Wouhouh)
So in the end (Wouhouh, Wouhouh)
It was just you and me (Wouhouh, Wouhouh)

Let me introduce myself (Wouhouh, Wouhouh)
I am a rich man who has taste (Wouhouh, Wouhouh)
And I left traps for troubadours (Wouhouh, Wouhouh)
Who have been killed before reaching Bombay (Wouhouh, Wouhouh).

Mick Jagger will often say about it: "Just as every cop is a criminal, we are all sinners saints."
And if the success and longevity of the group the Rolling Stones were gifts from the devil because of the sympathy they have shown him early in their careers?
From 1963 to 1970, the Rolling Stones have left more than $ 200 million, yet the group members were all nearly bankrupt. None of them had a clue where their money came from.
Today in any electronic rock concert, we hear exhortations to music lovers of rape and murder in the name of Satan. Why the Rolling Stones and other stars of the Hard Rock are they addicted to drugs and debauchery?

Kenneth Anger, a follower of Aleister Crowley, the founder of modern Satanism.

In his book "The Ultimate Evil" written between 1966 and 1967, Maury Terry did some research on the satanic cult. He discovers that "The Process Church" sought to recruit the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. During this period, the picture of Marianne Faithfull, girlfriend of Rolling Stones singer, Mick Jagger appeared in an issue of "The Process Magazine." It seems lying on camera, as if dead, a rose in hand. Then Maury Terry shows how "The Process Church" is involved in series of murders by Charles Manson and the son of John Markham, alias Sam, the lawyer of "The Process Church" against Lyndon LaRouche.
Kenneth Anger was born in 1930. He then became a young movie star in Hollywood before becoming a faithful disciple of Crowley. Born in 1875, Aleister Crowley, known by the nickname "The Great Beast" went infamous regularly sacrificing children in rituals where he passed himself off as the high priest of Satan or "Magus."
Addicted to heroin, he died of an overdose in 1947. Before his death he had established convents Satanic in several cities of the United States including Hollywood. Kenneth Anger becomes the heir to fifteen years and became "Magus." At this age, he produced horror films focused on the absolute evil by the standards of modern cinema.
Aleister Crowley had spread his hatred of Jesus Christ in "The World's Tragedy" with these words:
"That religion they call Christianity the devil they honor and call God. I accept the defintion, a poet must do, if a little is intelligible to that age, and it is their God and religion that I hate and I will destroy. (...) I do not want to argue that the doctrines of Jesus, only they and they alone, have degraded the world to its present condition. I assume that Christianity is not only the cause but the symptom of slavery. "

Recruitment of Rolling Stones by The Process Church.

Between 1966 and 1967, The Process Church in London and recruits Kenneth Anger comes into play. The writer Tony Sanchez, author of "Up And Down With The Rolling Stones, Da Capo Press, 1996," writes that Mick Jagger, Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, their girlfriends Marianne Faithfull and Anita Pallenburg listened spellbound as Anger while the initiate ideas and powers of Crowley.
Later, Mick Jagger composed the music for the film "Lucifer Rising" dedicated to Aleister Crowley while Marianne Faithfull contributes to the scene of the black mass of the film, tour in Egypt. The role of Lucifer is played by Bobby Beausoleil, a guitarist in a rock band from California, a member of the Manson family and homosexual partner of Kenneth Anger.

Witchcraft, unbridled sexuality, rape, brutal murder.

A few months after filming movie, Bobby Beausoleil returned to California to commit the first murder of a series of gruesome murders of the "Manson Family". In 1971, Charles Milles Manson was particularly guilty of the murder of actress Sharon Tate, wife (then eight months pregnant) of filmmaker Roman Polanski.
The trial de Manson family will be the longest and most expensive legal history of the United States.
After life imprisonment by Bobby Beausoleil, Anger asks Mick Jagger to play the role of Lucifer in his film "Invocation to my Demon Brother."
In 1967, still under the influence of Anger and the Process Church, they produce the album "Their Satanic Majesties Request"
The role falls finally Anton La Vey, author of the Satanic Bible and head of the first Church of Satan.
Anger leads to Satanism, Pellenberg Anita, the mistress of three (of five) members of the Rolling Stones since 1965.
"She was obsessed with black magic and began to wear a clove of garlic with her everywhere, even in bed, to ward off vampires. It was an old device mysterious, strange holy water she used in some of its rituals. Her ceremonies became increasingly secret, and she warned me never to interrupt when she worked on a lot (...)
In her bedroom, she kept a huge chest carved and decorated, she jealously preserved. I guess it was hiding drugs. The house was empty one day, I decided to take a look inside. The drawers were full of bones, wrinkled skin and fur of strange animals, "writes Tony Sanchez.
In 1980, the keeper of the New England area of ​​Keith Richard, 17 years old was found dead in the bed of Anita Pallenberg. The strange death was attributed to suicide with the gun Anita Pallenberg.          The officer in charge of the Connecticut investigation into the suicide, Michael Passaro said he heard "Songs strange" in the woods a quarter mile of the mansion located near "The Process Church" according to the English newspaper Midnite.
"There have been several bizarre satanic rituals in the sector over the last five years," continues the Journal.
A local reporter attributed the manifestation of the occult to "rich people taking Acid"
Today, the Rolling Stones have produced over 92 albums, 29 albums and 10 live recordings. In 1990, they sold over 200 million albums worldwide. They have become the benchmark for all the musicians of Rock.

In 2003, Mick Jagger was knighted by the Queen of England, Elizabeth II.

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