dimanche 18 décembre 2011

Bulgaria: A donkey candidate and a goat arrested for fraud in the bulgarian elections 2011.

 A donkey candidate for mayor of Varna.

A donkey named Marko was chosen to represent the party "The Society for a new Bulgaria" in the municipal election in Varna, Bulgaria, October 23, 2011, reports the Metro newspaper.
The Bulgarian city of Varna is situated on the Black Sea , 407 Km east of the capital Sofia. It had 318,313 inhabitants in 2008.
The city is an important cultural center that houses five Alma mater: University Economic, Technical University, Medical University, the Naval Academy and the Free University (private).
The candidate Marko was considered by members of the party "The Society for a new Bulgaria" as the ideal alternative to the mayor currently based, Kiril Yordanov.
Born in Varna, June 14, 1956, Yordanov earned a law degree from Sofia University in 1982. After working in the Provincial Court of Varna, he was governor of the province of Varna from 1991 to 1997. He  was elected mayor of Varna in 1999 with the support of over 27 courses from the left. He was reelected in 2003 and 2007, with the support of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF).          "Unlike other candidates and politicians, the donkey has a strong character, do not steal, do not lie, and does the job. (...) Let the people decide Varna and let them choose who has the most qualities: the donkey or the current mayor. " Had told to Bulgarian national radio, Dyankov Angel, head of" The Society for New Bulgaria "to justify the application of the animal.

How to discuss politics with a donkey?

Kiril Yordanov who was not convinced by these arguments, refused to debate with his opponent.
Mr. Dyanov replied, "He is right to refuse. How Marko could he feel comfortable when sharing the stage with such a crook. It would be unworthy of any self-respecting donkey "
Marko had made the environment the main theme of his campaign "because his life has become difficult because the green space in the Bulgarian capital of the sea disappear."
The donkey has conducted "a positive campaign to demonstrate that there is no difference between him and the incumbent mayor Kiril Yordanov, when it comes to obey orders of the master, the Prime Minister Boyko Borisov," said one party member.
In 2011, Yordanov was reelected for a fourth consecutive term with the support of the party center-right GERB "Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria" of Prime Minister Boiko Borissov.

After the candidate donkey, a goat arrested for electoral fraud.

The most fun of the election day of 23 October 2011 was the arrest by the police of a goat in the village of Novo Jelezare (Municipality of Misarija) for electoral fraud! Indeed, the acronym of the party was registered on one of its sides, while the other was written the name of a presidential candidate.
The funny thing is that the acronym of the party which was registered on one sides did not match the presidential candidate, inscribed on the other side.
These are the supporters of other candidates who reported the incident to the election commission.
This is not the only incident that marred the election, because in one of the poorest countries of the European Union, the media suspected of vote-buying voters, they say, a voice in the presidential election would be € 25, while in the local elections it would be € 15.
          A voter in five Bulgarian is ready to sell his vote in presidential and municipal elections, according to a study of the Bulgarian branch of Transparency International.

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