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Cameroon: President Paul Biya seen by his mentor and predecessor, Ahmadou Ahidjo.

"I took him at the end of his studies with me in my office team. I had told at one point to Mr. Eteki Mboumoua, then Minister of Education, to be his chief of staff. Then I had returned to my office, where he was to his career. Although I think today of the man and the serious error of assessment that I made about him, nothing prevents me from saying he was serious, hardworking, weighted, and apparently, devoted.
         I know that his comrades of the seminar called him "Mademoiselle", or that ministers often complained that he never stood out a problem of some importance, if he meant taking responsibility. I thought, put in a position and function help him, I sincerely believed, could become a president in accordance with the expectations that I put in him for the greater good of Cameroon. "

Christian of South Centre, the successor of Muslim from North.

         "As there was no from North, he was a Christian, he was descended from a small ethnic group in South Central, I thought he could more easily than others, be a feature of union in the country, that we do not accuse me to focus on the North to seize power in the hands of the Northmen and my religion.
         Came to supreme power, the man did not take long to discover, as in itself it really was. Came to power, Mr. Biya ran no other risks than those inherent in his office and was no more threatened than other heads of state, peers. The truth, I had called in the only statement I made since the beginning of the rupture between Mr. Biya and me. Some have found my purpose too."

Phobias and  fear of plots and coups.

         "I spoke phobias of plots and assassinations. I say the obsession. But since then things have only grown. Everyone recognizes that we are now really fast phobia to put it mildly. A real psychosis anyway. Mr. Biya is literally tormented by morbid fear of losing power, and since he mounted his coup, by that being murdered. It's a shame, because everyone knows what irresponsible acts are conducted in people with this disease.
         Further evidence of panic in which Biya lives, I found in the constitutional reform to which he is proceeding as to how to replace the president if a vacancy occurs during his term."

Manipulation of the constitution.

         "How can someone who has just been elected, is already president and fully exercising the function before and during the elections, can find something unacceptable when it comes to another? Why what is good for him would not be for another, including the president of the National Assembly and acting, during the vacancy, prohibited him from application! Because he believes and be protected against loss of power and loss of life (...).
         Our paragon of justice, freedom, equality hopes fool all the people, by promising black and white. The false hope that he has created about the party and election speak eloquently. (...) Mr. Biya should ponder the words of Abraham Lincoln: "You can fool some of the people all the time, and all the people some of the time. But you can not fool all the people all the time."

         After 25 years of reign, Ahmadou Ahidjo resigned the presidency Nov. 4, 1982, yielding the highest office in his constitutional successor, Paul Biya. He died November 30, 1989 in Dakar, Senegal.
         On October 9, 2011, to 78 years, Paul Biya was re-elected president for a seventh term after 29 years in power.
Excerpt from the introductory remarks of the Ahmadou Ahidjo press conference March 5, 1984 in Paris of The Eye of the Sahel No. 458 of 28 November 2011.
Incorporated by Cameroon-Info.Net November 30, 2011

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