vendredi 23 décembre 2011

Cuba / USA: "The empire of lies" by Fidel Castro.

         In 2007, Fidel Castro accused Washington of misleading world opinion and to conceal information about "what really happened" during the September 11 attacks, in an article published on the sixth anniversary of the tragedy .
         "Today, it is many years since the painful episode. We learned in the news that there was a deliberate misinformation. (...) The most dramatic feature is that you never really know what happened, "
writes the Cuban president, remote (?) of power for a year by the disease.
         Under the title "The Empire of  lies,"
Fidel Castro, whose text was read on national television in the daily program "The Round Table," cites a series of allegations which, in his eyes belie the American version of events, including the attack against the Pentagon - he concludes: "We have been deceived as all the inhabitants of the Planet"

And if Washington had really lied about September 11, 2001?

         "The calculations of the steel structure, the impact of the aircraft, the black boxes recovered and what they revealed do not correspond to the criteria of mathematicians, seismologists, information specialists and demolition specialists," writes he said.
         Fidel Castro was also heard on the day of the attacks "in the basement of the towers were deposited some 200 tonnes of gold was about to open fire to kill anyone who tried to enter by force ".

         Before reading the document the Cuban president, was broadcast on national television, a documentary giving emphasis to "conspiracy theories"
based on the theses of the French journalist Thierry Messan since become an expert for Human Rights to the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) after the publication of his best-seller in 2002 "The Big Lie.” , "Which challenges the attack against the Pentagon”.
He is thus the only head of state (or former head of state) to formally accuse Washington of lying about attacks on "World Trade Center" that shook America and the world by using the survey of a foreign journalist. Unless this is the French journalist who was used by the Cuban secret service to write his book!
Fidel Castro, the leader who most often lost on American conspiracies!

         Fidel Castro Cuba still remember that Washington had offered to provide medical aid in the attacks and that in the past, Havana had advised President Ronald Reagan in the preparation of an attack against him.
         In return, the Cuban president regret, Washington has "developed hundreds of plans to eliminate him physically."
Since coming to power in 1959, Fidel Castro was "the person that has often tried to assassinate. "
In 2011, he entered the "Guinness World Records" and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) with 638 attempts by Cuban site ""
         "The methods used to kill him were many, but all have failed: snipers, explosives in his shoes, the venom injected into a cigar to a small explosive charge in a ball of baseball, including"
, identifies the site.

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