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France: A candidate for President of the Republic wants to restore the monarchy.

         Mr. Patrick de Villenoisy is  candidate of Royal Alliance to the presidential election of 2012. Founded in 2001, the royalist movement dreams of restoring the Monarchy Royal in France.          
 The royal alliance feels the only political party able to "reconcile the French" with their country and provide real answers to the challenges of the twenty-first century.
         The political platform of the royal alliance believes that democracy is confiscated by the French party system.

A radical change of institutions

         Resume of the Fifth Republic constitution by substituting a king to the current President of the Republic by giving him similar powers with some modifications.
         The royal alliance takes just the analysis of the writer and pamphleteer Jean Gwenaël Dutour (1920-2011) whose  apartment in
Paris was blown by a bomb on July 14, 1978 and was elected to the French Academy on November 30, 1978.
   "The downside is that the president ... is not hereditary, he is not the symbol of the country, but of division. With a king who is the son of his father and little son of his great Father, we avoid this kind of civil fury. The king is not elected by the people at some point in his history, but the chosen man for centuries. His power is based on something much stronger than a fad of universal suffrage, he relies on what is strongest in the world: custom. Royalty has a paternal side which is exactly appropriate to the function, which is found nowhere else, not even in a monarchy disguised as a republic such as we have. The king is a father, if not eternal, at least, permanent. "

The royal alliance treats the presidential election like a civil war!

         For a year, the alliance believes that the campaign divided the French into two camps and destroyed the social cohesion that the elected president must rebuild after his election. A period of uncertainty and economic expectations resulting in a waste of time.
         As expected, the rise of Islam is seen as a consequence of secularism. The royalists thus propose a return to Christian France, returning to its mission of eldest daughter of the Catholic Church.
         The Return of the King  "Impartial arbitrator"
is the right solution to ensure the long term, social cohesion, solidarity and pride related to the history and Christian morality.

An advantage of the peace or going to war?

Today, France is accused of Islamophobia and Turcophobia by the authorities of Ankara due to a bill by the French National Assembly penalizing the denial of genocide (including the 500,000 Armenians). In response, Ankara accuses France of having committed genocide by eliminating 15% of the Algerian population in 1945!
         Enough to feed the debate on religion in France, where Islam has become the first confession before the Christian religion.

King of France means the Royal Alliance?

         "The King is the arm of justice by excellency. He is the best to exercise this sovereign function knowing that it is essentially independent of the oligarchies not subject to any party but to serve the people under his charge throughout the generations. "
         "Thus, once the reforms adopted, the President-elect called the prince who has the consent of the French and will give him power.
Thus, the king will not be coming from a Republican election: it makes no sense. The king can not enter into a political game, because he must be preserved from partisan strife to remain able to embody the unity of France. Of course, after more than a century of the Republic, the establishment of a king will not happen without the French: it will be an encounter between a prince and his people, and when the time comes, the choice is imposed on its own. "
The last monarch of France, the French Emperor Napoleon III, deposed September 4, 1870 acceded to the throne following the coup of December 2, 1851. Or King Louis-Philippe 1st, Bourbon, King of the French (not king of France) who reigned from 1830 to 1848? and then Charles X, last king of France and Navarre? Or the princes dispossessed,  Henry X of France, Count of Orleans, is the last man to have claimed the throne of France?

Why  they do not eat cakes?

         The French people ever forget the image of nobility snob associated with Marie Antoinette Habsburg-Lorraine (1755-1793), suggesting that the poor, lack of bread, had to eat cake or the related to the apocryphal statement of Louis XIV: "The State is me"?
Besides few people know that this statement meant to illustrate the gap between the classes and the nobility: a princess can not imagine it was because of the outcome that people wanted bread, she invites them to eat a pastry, more expensive than bread. This sentence, quoted without naming the princess by the Swiss writer Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) in his “Confessions”, published in 1782.
         The text of Rousseau: "About the little things that I flyable not even looking, I thought to covet some white wine of Arbois ... and the opportunity that I had put up with from time to time few bottles to drink at my ease in my little particular. Unfortunately I could never drink without eating. How to get bread? It was impossible to put in reserve. Make purchase by the footman, was detected me, and almost insult the master of the house. Buy it myself, I never dared. A fine gentleman sword by his side go to a bakery to buy a piece of bread, it could it be? Finally I remembered the last resort of a great princess to whom it was said that the peasants had no bread, replied: Let them eat cake. I bought cake. Although ways to come to that! Left alone in this view, sometimes I walked throughout the city, and was passing thirty pastry before joining any. "

"Equality, Liberty, Fraternity"
         The principles of the French Revolution that put an end to the excesses of the monarchy are not only upset the French societies, but served as a model copied all over the world. In Europe, Asia, America and especially in the former French colonies. Some countries such as Romania included them in their national colors.
         Back to royalty in France would be regarded by the citizens of the Free World, a setback for democracy in the world. Reduce French influence in its hexagonal dimensions, means exclude or expel from its territory, the French from elsewhere who contribute and have contributed so much to its rich economic, cultural, political, social and human.
         Royalty "unlikely" to Patrick Villenoisy would it not a utopia, or a hypothetical policy to enrich a campaign that proved to be difficult during the hard years through which the French people is living?           
Those who support this policy only dream of back their privileges, their titles of nobility and the material benefits attached to it, in a world that longs for more freedom, equality and fraternity.

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