lundi 26 décembre 2011

France / Mali: The misfortune of being called Moussa Traoré in France.

Moussa Traoré was officially cleared of the crimes he did not commit. For seven years, his record of convictions focused mention that the authors were homonyms.
         In fact, this man of 1.81 m for 67 kg suffering from wearing a surname as common as Smith in his country in France. And many children of his generation as he was named in honor of former President Moussa Traore of the Republic of Mali from 1968 to 1991.
         One day, he walks at Les Halles, near the Fountain of the Innocents. Routine control of the police. The Malian identify himself. "An officer shouted, he committed a crime!, It has become muscular. I did not understand. I had my metro ticket and my papers ...".
         The police were confused with a homonym stuck to organized crime. It will take two hours to post to clear up the confusion.
"When I went to see the police, they said  16 Moussa Traore were known to the French court,"
said one who arrived in France in 1999 for his studies.

Habitual criminal without his knowledge!

         Moussa Traoré discovers his habitual offender status when he applies for a job as a security guard. The position is denied: he would have sentenced between 2000 and 2002, three convictions, including ten months in prison for fraud. He falls from the clouds. "I have never been cautioned to view, I've never been in jail in my life ..."
On two of his convictions, the identity is indeed the same, but the dates of birth, parents and the homes do not match.
         In addition, at the time, Moussa was on vacation in Mali as shown by his passport.
         The Chancery has cleared a terse formula: "I confirm that to date, no conviction is registered on your criminal record."
         This 29 year old Malian lives in Magny-les Hamlets in the Yvelines in France. Married to a French woman, Olivia who gave him two children, he does not stop there.

Seven years of hassle for nothing!

"A formula diverted to clear seven years of hassle ... I'm seeing lawyers to attack the French state. I do not ask for pity, just that the state recognize its mistake."
He holds a law degree, he saw the situation very badly, "My father was one of the first atomic engineers in Mali. Today, my family does not understand why I failed. It is humiliating. Yet I am not an illegal immigrant. I came to France regularly. "
Now that justice has recognized his mistake, he hopes to resume his life to the place. He is preparing to integrate a school to become a special education teacher.
         "In June, I received written and oral, but was told that it was not the time to introduce me in September if my record was still dirty"

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