jeudi 8 décembre 2011

Gabon: Crimes rituals to win elections.

          John Elvis Ebang Ondo, president of the association against ritual crimes in Gabon (ALCR) founded in March 2005, is categorical: "The election period is rich in ritual murders"
         "Since August 15, 2009, three people were found dead and four others have disappeared. In Gabon and the sub-region, home to political posts and the preservation of power required, according to a design obviously false, blood and human sacrifice. And all this happens in the nose and beard of the judicial authorities of the country. The election period is rich in ritual murders "told to John Elvis Ebang Ondo.
         "We believe in God because he is a spiritual battle. The ritual murders are sponsored in the boxes in the dark satanic masses. Jesus will not abandon us and we firmly believe that things will change"
goes on there.
         In Gabon, it is mostly children from disadvantaged backgrounds who are at risk. A child is abducted almost every week in immigrant families. The organs are the most popular language, eyes, ears and sexes.
         On November 3, 2008, 23 people were arrested for practicing "kôhng"
, a "kind of trade of human lives" equated with witchcraft.
         During his mission, the traditional healer was able to "dig up various objects (...) used to practice this kind of witchcraft,"
the newspaper said the Union, including that published the photo of two skulls presented as human, bottles with "blood and fat" man-and a "crossbow mystic."
The prosecutor Oyem had recorded "numerous complaints to his office by people who kept to record the dead around them more or less mysterious or suspicious."
In Gabon, many residents have retained their ancestral animist beliefs, leaving an important powers of the elements of nature and the supernatural.

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