samedi 3 décembre 2011

Germany / Switzerland: The Swiss who attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

 Maurice Bavaud, a Swiss citizen born January 15, 1916 in Neuchâtel intended to kill Adolf Hitler, the German Chancellor.
         Son of Alfred Bavaud, postal employee, and Helene Steiner, he was educated by Christian Brothers before starting an apprenticeship as a draftsman and then enter the seminary of Saint-Ilan (Saint-Brieuc, Britain) to become a missionary.
         He went to Germany for this purpose 9 October 1938 and settled in Munich and Berchtesgaden to track the whereabouts of Hitler.
         On November 9, 1938, the day before the night of Cristal, ammunition of a pistol, he hesitates because he was too far from Hitler before him and the audience raise their hands for the salvation of Hitler.
         After unsuccessfully tried to approach Hitler, he abandoned his project and go back to France by train. Free return ticket, he was arrested and handed over to the Gestapo, in possession of his gun and incriminating documents.
         In his "confessions extracted under torture,"
he admits his project because he considered Hitler as a threat to humanity in general, for Swiss independence and Catholicism in Germany.
         Hans Fröhlich, Swiss Ambassador, to the Legation in Berlin favorable to Nazism, publicly condemned the assassination attempt.
         The Germans tried in vain to exchange Maurice Bavaud against a German spy arrested in Switzerland.
         The Swiss Military Department gave no response to that request. Maurice Bavaud was beheaded May 14, 1941 in Berlin-Plötzensee.          The French priest, Marcel Gerbohay, who had helped Marcel Maurice Bavaud designing this crazy project was also ordered to Berlin.
         On November 7, 1998, as a duty to remember, he was rehabilitated by the President of the Confederation, Pascal Couchepin with these words: "Maurice Bavaud justified his assassination attempt by the fact that Hitler was a danger to the mankind, the independence of Switzerland and for the churches. He had foreseen the disastrous effects that Hitler would have on the world. In this respect, he deserves our gratitude and a place in our memories "

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