jeudi 1 décembre 2011

Islam: Racism, Politics and Terrorism ...

 On November 4, 1979, Iranian students took hostage all the diplomats of the Embassy of the United States in Tehran.
They burn the effigy of President Jimmy Carter, the American flag ... Then release the black staff of the Embassy.
         In September 1986, an Iranian delegation traveled to Harare in Zimbabwe to attend the conference of the Non-Aligned Movement. They are received at the airport by President Robert Mugabe, accompanied by his wife. They shake hands and hug the husband, but refuse to shake hands with his wife ...! Muslim fundamentalism oblige!
         On July 27, 1987, a young Lebanese man named Hussein Mohamed Ali Hariri, then aged 21, a member of Hezbollah away theft an Air destination Africa-Bangui-Brazzaville-Roma. He calls for the release of Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners in France, Israel and the Hamade brothers imprisoned in the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) and wants to reach Beirut.
         Arriving at Cointrin Airport in Geneva, he shot down the French, Xavier Beaulieu to prove that he is serious. Passengers,  Black Africans get together and decide to spend extraordinary security measures taken by the Swiss police.
         While a Congolese Stewart Air Afrique belt the terrorist (and is shot in the stomach), the other passengers, including solid-African women jump from the plane and break bones on the tarmac.
"If we did not go to Beirut,"
he said to everyone!
What terrorist would still dare to hijack a plane Africa?

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