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Ivory Coast: Gbagbo at ICC, a lesson for future generations.

 If you take the path of  “I do not care”, you'll find yourself in “the village of if I knew.”

         Ivorians are accustomed to use this joke to remind those who forget that life is not to draft. At the risk of being in a situation where that would forever regret. Laurent Gbagbo, for not having incorporated into its management of power is in the process of learning the hard way.
         Last Monday, the former head of state was before the International Criminal Court. As usual, the "Woudy Mama"
was a show in front of the cameras and photographers for coverage.
         But as expected, the start of the trial was set to half of June 2012. Showing at once that the new resident at the court of The Hague is not out of the woods. Beyond the emotion and passion it arouses now, we must see in the imprisonment of the former president a lesson for future generations.
         The arrest of Laurent Gbagbo and his transfer to the International Criminal Court to bring all apprentices dictators and autocrats that the era of obscurantism is over.
         Especially in this 21st century that is now more than ever like the global village where nothing can hide. Andre Malraux had warned: "The 21st century will be spiritual or will not be."
The Bible with him adds: "Everything that is hidden will be revealed."
To say that the century of globalization, unlike the last century, a time when it will be difficult for an individual or a plan to break the bundle on the back of the people. Human life is sacred. Therefore, in the Holy Scriptures, the second command after the worship due to the Creator: "Thou shalt not kill." But Laurent Gbagbo has done throughout his reign?

Under Laurent Gbagbo, killing someone was commonplace.

         He led Côte d'Ivoire as if human life did not matter to him. His takeover was done in a torrent of blood. As well as its fall. Under Laurent Gbagbo, killing someone has become commonplace. The leader of Refoundation had confiscated all personal freedoms.
During the ten years that are spent his reign, Laurent Gbagbo never intended that his opponents are using legal means of democratic expression. At this point appear in the street had become a suicide. He, the champion of the steps, systematically suppressed in blood all the street protests of the opposition.
         We now tend to focus on the victims of post-election crisis. But we forget the dead in October and December 2000. The victims of death squads from September 2002 to March 2003. But also executed in March and November 2004. The list is not exhaustive. But all this reminder to refresh the memory of all those who still believe that Laurent Gbagbo is to the ICC by mistake.

The era of bloody wrens is complete.

         "He who sows the wind shall reap the whirlwind,"
says the adage. When you spit in the air, we can expect to receive preferences on the face. We can be the cause of the death of many people and hope to get away with it.
         When Laurent Gbagbo launched his dogs of war against the people of Côte d'Ivoire, he was repeatedly warned that he will answer for his actions in court. But he made his own way. Today, his past catches up. And so the time has come to assume. His transfer to the International Criminal Court in The Hague is a strong signal that the international community sends to all those who dream to borrow its way and its methods.
         Through Laurent Gbagbo, the international community wants to get this message: "The era of wrens and other bloodthirsty satraps untouchable is over."
         The prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo warned: "Laurent Gbagbo will not be the last resident of the ICC."
His imprisonment in The Hague is undoubtedly an important lesson that history meant to bequeath to future generations. And that's good.

Laurent Gbagbo, a historian who attempt to falsify history.

         His speech before the ICC: A vain attempt to falsify history. Laurent Gbagbo spoke Monday. The whole world has heard. But remember that his first speech before the International Criminal Court? Nothing.
         Apart from the designer of the overhaul has remained equal to itself. To find the man of double standards. Those who expected that the former head of state to show the greatness of soul and spirit had to be disappointed.
         No word on its share of responsibility in the tragedy of post-election that he himself has created by his stubborn refusal to concede defeat. But only false complaints about the circumstances of his arrest and detention conditions in Korhogo.
         To listen to Korhogo, he was in a Siberian gulag where darkness was his companion every day. "I did not see the sky, except the few times my lawyers came to see me,"
cried Laurent Gbagbo to the President of the Court.
         To the champion of radical reform, if he is in The Hague, is the fault of France that has hatched a plot against him. "They finished the job and let the forces of Ouattara finish the rest,"
he accused. Not a single word on his crappy electoral hold-up and the war he engaged and lost.
         In fact, Laurent Gbagbo has used the platform to him by the ICC to send a message to his supporters and the African intelligentsia that has a problem with the West.
         The "Woudy Mama" through the speech in which he appears as an expiatory victim, wants to tell his supporters:
"This is what made me Ouattara. So you must continue the fight against him for revenge."
African intellectuals who feed a congenital hatred against all that is similar to the West: "You have seen! They are still whites who captured me, as our ancestors, because I embarrassed their interests”.
         But beyond this pathetic stage, the objective of the master illusionist is to rewrite history to his advantage. Laurent Gbagbo is a historian. And he knows that the court of history is against ruthless dictators of his kind.

A sham that history did not concede.

         He was shortly defeated in elections. But instead of going out through the front door by acknowledging his defeat, he decided to seize power. Worse, he delivered a deadly war to the people of Côte d'Ivoire has betrayed it by going to perjury.
         He, finally, was arrested by the joint efforts of Republican Forces and neutral forces that have taken place under resolution 1975 of the Security Council of the UN, to neutralize its heavy weapons. Laurent Gbagbo has not only been defeated in electoral terms. But he was defeated in the military. A double humiliation that his oversized ego refuses to acknowledge.
         His concern now is to bring the collective conscience to remember him the image of a strong quenching of the Samori Toure or Behanzin who was deported by the white settler for opposing the interests of the France.
         As a fraud, certainly, history did not concede. Because, unfortunately for him, it is difficult to distort historical facts. Especially in the era of the Internet and new technologies. As he so aptly puts it on Monday before Judge Gurmandi "If they accuse me is that we have the evidence to accuse me."
And in terms of evidence, Laurent Gbagbo will be served June 18, 2012, the start of the trial. And that day, he will understand that we do not trick with history.
Article in “Le Patriote”
December 8, 2011.

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