mardi 6 décembre 2011

Montenegro: A part of the country auctioned.

 Montenegrin bank Prva Banka, controlled by former Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic and his brother Aco has auctioned some of the largest island in the Adriatic republic. This property had been confiscated in a controversial Serbian businessman who did not honor the repayment of the loan.
Prva Banka has Auction 37,000 square meters of the island Sveti Nikola (Saint Nicolas) located near Budva, one of the main resorts of the Montenegrin coast, to the original $ 28 million.
Until now, the 37,000 m2 owned Stankjo Subotic (50), a Serbian businessman who owns a chain of kiosks and distribution in Eastern Europe.
Based in Geneva, Switzerland, the latter was arrested in Moscow for cigarette smuggling in Montenegro and for a major tax fraud with his partner Milo Djukanovic. His fortune is estimated at 650 million euros.
The island of Saint Nicolas, known locally as the "Hawaii", is located one kilometer from Budva and is a popular site for tourists who stay on the Adriatic coast.
Montenegro which covers 13,812 km2 in the south is bordered by the Adriatic Sea to the west by Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, on the north by Serbia to the northeast by the Kosovo and in the south-east by Albania. Populated by 625,266 inhabitants (2011), it declared independence from Serbia on 3 June 2006.
         It is currently headed by Filip Vujanovic and Prime Minister Igor Luksic.

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