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North Korea / France: The Medical Secret to the test of state secret.

* In spring 2004, Professor Yves Boin receives a strange phone call. "The French intelligence services thought I was holding a tube of blood of the leader Kim Jong-il, who had AIDS," says the neurosurgeon, Dr. Yves Boin who was among the first caregivers of North Korean officials .
"It was the early 90s. It was the wife of Kim Jong-il, his mistress, Ko Young-hee, has cancer. Security forces, his entourage would require an entire floor of the hospital was empty! They were willing to pay, but I opposed, "recalls Yves Boin retreat.
In 2004, Ms. Ko Young-hee died at the Curie Institute in Paris where she had been transferred in the greatest secrecy. Professor Boin stayed more than four times in Korea where he was housed in a hotel with secret corridors, to access the apartments of the North Korean dictator.
In October 2008, at the bedside of Kim Jong-il, Dr François-Xavier Roux, head of neurosurgery department of the Sainte-Anne Hospital in Paris has agreed to disclose his medical mission in Pyongyang.
"Kim Jong-il suffered a stroke, but has not been made. Today, it is better. The photos that have just been published seem current and authentic."
"I think Kim Jong-il is in control of North Korea. I can not say more, I am bound by confidentiality and state secrecy, "said the friend of the former Foreign Minister, Bernard Kouchner, a former like him from the NGO “Médecins du Monde (Doctors of the World)”.

Supreme Leader of North Korea's care under X since Kim Il-Sung.

Every big health warning of North Korean leader, a French doctor was summoned urgently to Pyongyang.
In November 1991, Kim Il-Sung, the founder of Democratic People’s of Korea  and father of Kim Yong-Il, suffered from heart failure. After a refusal of Switzerland, Tchoë-il went to get the cardiologists at Lyon.
"It happened one day by presenting us with an electrocardiogram of a patient who required implantation of a pacemaker," says an anesthesiologist.
- "Who is it? "
- "A North Korean personality, is all that they said"

After ten days, the anesthesiologist, surgeon, his wife and a nurse accompanied Mr Tchoë-il said.
At Geneva airport, ten huge bags, pouch adjacent recorded as their luggage. On arrival at the airport in Pyongyang, the medical team finally discovered the contents of these bags: 350 pacemakers, worth a total of about one million of the time FF (650,000 Euros).
"This is how the system bypasses the sanctions imposed on him to source material or not drugs are scarce." said Dr. Bouin.
After asking a couple of stimulators for young soldiers one night, they are warned that the patient the next day would be a senior.
"But on the operating table so that we do not recognize the man wearing glasses with broken glass."
Only when they return to France that the medical team knew that they had indeed treated Kim Il-Sung.
The Foreign Ministry asked, in effect a request to confirm South Korea, which had been made aware of the presence of foreign surgeons to their neighbor ...
To thank them, the North Koreans offered to everyone, a suitcase full of won, the local currency.
"Every night we took them in stores where you had to spend the equivalent of 700 euros every day," recalls the anesthesiologist, who brought the local flavor for his wife.

The false secret: the poor health of Kim Jong-il.

A few years later, Kim Jong-il, was injured by a bad fall on horseback. Head injury with cerebral hemorrhage, according to the prognosis of native doctors.
"Should he be operated? "Asks the family.
When in doubt, they sought a Parisian neurosurgeon, who remembers seeing "land" in his office two North Korean diplomats, asking him to leave immediately.
"A great scientist is sick," swore one of them, while the other added, "Oh that's silly, I forgot his medical records in Pyongyang, drawing me the result of the scanner that he had voluntarily left North Korea to preserve the anonymity of the patient. "
         The neurosurgeon went there, but in Pyongyang, he never saw the patient, only images of scanners that gave him the doctors. Finally he felt that an operation was not necessary.

But the family of Kim Jong-il does not satisfy this arbitration. She asked for a second, and brought from Lyon two other neurosurgeons, which made the same opinion, not knowing, of course, that others had preceded them.
A few years later, one of Lyon, called back to Pyongyang found that the taste for secrecy was still there as strong:
"I treated a dozen patients in the lumbar spine, without knowing who it was," admits the surgeon, who would know some cold sweats.
North Koreans authorized his wife to return to France as soon as he work was completed, but he had to wait an extra week ... A bittersweet week when we remember that the Japanese have mysteriously disappeared in North Korea in the 1970s.

The umbilical cord between Paris and Pyongyang!

Between the medical community and North Korea, the relationship is not one way. Paris is a popular capital of the communist regime.
"Regularly, I am contacted by North Korean diplomats who ask me to write an invitation to one of their leaders obtain a visa for treatment in Paris," says a Parisian surgeon.
           This is the case of the eldest son of the leader, Kim Jong-nam, 37, who was in Paris in October. This defrays playboy regularly featured for his trips to Macau and Beijing. "A little chubby," according to one of his Parisian doctors with whom he communicates by email, Jong-nam is suffering from heart problems, like his father and his grandfather ...
After his studies in Switzerland, this heir potential is fluent in French. Like its cousin, Jan Song, before being found dead in August 2006. Suicide, according to some.
At age 29, niece of the dictator refused to return home ... A mysterious disappearance on which the French doctors and DSP (Secret service) display the silence.
Why North Korea chooses French specialists?
"Our medicine is one of the best in the world (...) and then, they must enjoy a certain independence of French politics," says one of the surgeons.
As practitioners, "is the kind of trip that spices up our lives," says one of them.

Overweight, Kim Jon-A is diabetic and suffers from several diseases.

On 17 December 2001, the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il died in the process of heart attack and complications at the age of 69.          
 He would issue "advice on the ground." Really? He had inherited power from his father Kim Il-Sung died in 1994 at 84 years and just pass on to his third son Kim Jong-Un, aged 28 and his third wife Ko Young-hee, a japan dancer . It is the only communist dynasty in history.
Small consolation for peace in the world, the young dictator "King of the morning star" was two years at the International School of Bern under the name of Chol Pak. He knows even bits of English, French and Patois Oberland!
According to the official news agency KCNA North Korea, "Kim Jong-il was treated for a long time for heart problems and stroke," but according to the communist jargon "he succumbed to a mental and physical exhaustion."
         In August 2008 he had suffered from pancreatic cancer diagnosed at the same time as his stroke.
He was described as a lover of cigars, cognac and gourmet cuisine. Between 1989 and 1999, he ordered according told the BBC, between $ 650,000 and $ 800,000 of liquor and fine wine for a year.
On 22 June 2006, the party continues, he had married for her fourth marriage, Kim Ok or Jade (born 1964) graduated in piano and dance at the University of Pyongyang.
His first wife, Kim Young-sook (born 1947) died in the 1970s in a way unknown. She had been imposed by his father Kim Il-Sung.
          His second wife, Sung Hae-rim, former actress died of heart disease in Moscow in 2003 and his third wife, Ko Young-hee, a former dancer, died of a breast cancer, the Institut Gustave-Roussy in Villejuif, in the Val-de-Marne, in August 2004.
Information published in "Le Figaro"

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