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Russia: The post-mortem fate of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

         Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Lenin, struck with hemiplegia and nailed chair, dies at Gorka after three strokes January 20, 1924 at the age of 53 years. A long line of fans waited for weeks bereaved in the cold to see him one last time.
Inspired by this sight, Anatoli Vasilyevich Lunacharsky (1875-1933) and Leonid Krasin (1870-1926) proposed to Joseph Stalin (1878-1953) the father of Soviet communism continues to serve the cause as a holy relic against the advice of his wife Nadezhda Krupskaya Konstantinovna (1869-1939), for whom her husband was to be buried near his mother and two sisters in the family vault Volkovo Cemetery in St. Petersburg, according to his last will.
"As I understand it, he proposed that the relics of saints Sergei Radonezhsky (1392) and Serafim Sarovski (1759-1833) with that of Vladimir Ilyich." had joked Leon Trotsky (1879-1940) in October 1923.

The chemical solution miracle.

For this work of utmost political importance, the Kremlin Boris Iljitsch Zbarski means, a Russian Jew who had studied biochemistry at the Faculty of the University of Geneva, Switzerland.
Responsible to stop the natural decomposition of the body, the biochemist Boris I. Zbarski and Vladimir Vorobiov, head of anatomy at the University of Kharkov worked hard in a secret laboratory to develop the chemical solution miracle.
         Meanwhile, age spots of the former leader were faded, her lips and eyes sewn, and his brain removed and taken away in another secret laboratory where he was going to be dissected and examined in the next 40 years in the hope of 'discover the hidden genius.
In July 1924, scientists found the perfect formula for conservation, a closely guarded state secret.
Which earned them a reward of 25,000 rubles each, a huge sum at the time. After mummification, the biochemist called on his son, Ilya Borisovich Zbarski, born in 1913, biochemist, specialist in the study of the cell nucleus to ensure the highest body.
Every eighteen months, they raised the shoulders of the mummy, which undid the laces holding his pants and plunged the body in a bathtub filled with Balsam window where she bathed for hours.
         Once treated the enigmatic potion, Lenin was installed at the foot of the Kremlin, in a building with cubic shapes in pink marble. Manages a sophisticated temperature and humidity in the glass sarcophagus which is the promoter of the USSR. The air is sanitized, daylight prohibited. All these parameters are controlled from a control room worthy of a nuclear power plant (although, Russia ...).
In 1934, to protest against famine, Sovkhozien, Mitrofan Nikitin tugged at the mummy and returned the weapon against him.          Subsequently, a Mikhailov wounded him in the face by breaking the glass coffin, which protected him.

During the second World War.

         From November 1941 for fear of German invasion, Lenin's corpse takes the train accompanied by Professor Boris I. Zbarski, his wife and their little boy, Lev Zbarski. A compartment reserved for them. Parents occupy two berths at the top, the bottom ones are for the mummy and the small Lev. To preserve Lenin's body, they have a lot of chemicals and alcohol they exchange against margarine. The trip lasts for days and days. The corpse was kept in a bath of glycerol in Tyumen, Siberia until March 1944, when he returned in his mausoleum in Red Square.
Arrested in 1952, in the middle case of the "white coats", Boris I. Zbarski died in 1954. 76 years after his death, the body of the "Little Father of the People" is maintained at very great expense in a state of preservation that amazes his millions of visitors.

The mummification of other dictators

         Mummification of Lenin emulated: Joseph Stalin, Klement Gottwald of Czechoslovakia (1896-1953), the Mongol Choibalsan Khorloogiin (1895-1952), Vietnamese Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969), the Bulgarian Georgi Dimitrov Mikhailov (1882 - 1949), Antonio Agostinho Neto of Angola (1922-1979), the Guyanese Lindon Forbers Burnham (1923-1985) were mummified, again thanks to the Laboratory's scientific research on biological structures "Léninka" which is led by Professor Debove depends Since 1991 the Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants for which he conducts applied research for the pharmaceutical industry.

Finally, Lenin only serves to develop cosmetic products.

         Today private sumptuous state grants, scraping with a mysterious "welfare fund" of the Communist Party, the laboratory through Ritual SA must anoint the "new rich" and assassinated leaders Mafia and their bodyguards fell in battle to continue to keep the mummy of the Leader of the Revolution.
With, at times, beautiful controls, such as the embalming of Kim Il Sung (1912-1994), the dictator of North Korea, which was paid one million dollars.
What to do with Lenin? The buried near his mother or leave it in his mausoleum?
Professor Ilya Zbarski and Samuel Hutchinson tell a compelling story: In the shadow of Lenin's Mausoleum. A dynasty of Embalmers published by Solin / Actes Sud, Paris, 1997, the incredible adventure experienced scientists who saved the famous corpse decomposition. The author himself kept watch day and night on the "treasure".

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