jeudi 8 décembre 2011

Rwanda: Death of Titus, legendary "King Gorilla".

 On September 15, 2009, the famous gorilla silverback, Titus, known as the "king of the gorillas' Rwanda, died of old age Monday at the age of 35 years in the Volcanoes National Park (northwest), a Tuesday the Rwanda Tourism and National Parks (ORTPN).
"It is with great sadness that ORTPN learned of the death of the legendary Titus, known as the king of the gorillas. He was not only the king of the gorillas. He was not only the most powerful silverbacks the Volcanoes National Park, it was also one of the most famous gorilla, "said an official.
"Born August 24, 1974, it was all his life the subject of numerous scientific studies. No scientist could have predicted his rise within the group. Because Titus has unfortunately suffered many tragedies in her life," added statement.
Members of his family were killed by poachers. While still a baby, Titus was abandoned by his mother after a violent attack by a dominant male. As a teenager, Titus became a member of a group of young males, joined soon after by five females. Beetsma, the dominant male but older, he was then given way. He took over the group and gave it its name.
In 2008, he was the subject of a documentary entitled "Titus, king of the gorillas. He had many descendants. It is the best example of a species that has survived against all odds. "
"His death is a great loss for Rwanda," added the statement.
"The other gorillas to mourn his death, they clean the body. It must be very careful, you can not remove the body like that. Our veterinary practices then an autopsy," as required by the procedure for each gorilla died in the park, according to Ms. Chantal Rosette Rugamba. many gorillas are buried in a cemetery reserved for great apes in the Park Vilcans, where is buried the famous primatologist American Dian Fossey (1932-1985).
Among the 380-400 gorillas living in the Virunga Massif, between Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, at least 265 live in Rwandan territory, where they live monitored daily, according to ORTPN.

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