samedi 17 décembre 2011

South Africa: The last breath of Mandela, an event that should not be missed!

On December 16, 2011, the South African police discovered two hidden CCTV cameras to spy on the old South African president and Nobel Peace Nelson Mandela (born 1918) in a house near the village of Qunu in Eastern Cape where he moved in January 2011.
         "These cameras have been placed there without the knowledge of Mandela and the authorities,"
said the spokesman of the police Mzukisi Fatyela.
         Both cameras were removed, he said, adding that other cameras may have been placed in the village.
         The chieftain Nokwanele Balizulu, who lives opposite the house of Mr. Mandela, confirmed to the Times giving the news agencies Reuters and AP for permission to install cameras, but denied having been paid for it.
         In response to this report, the spokesman for AP, Paul Colford, said: "It's not about cameras. Like other media, AP has taken steps to prepare for the death of M . Mandela, when it will occur. AP cameras were not on and should only be used in case of important information involving the former president.''(...). We were preparations similar to the outside of the Vatican before the death of Pope John Paul II. "

         Two years ago, the grandson of Mandela, Mandla
Zwelivelile Mandela, who is the head of neighboring village of Mvezo, was accused of selling the rights to the funeral of his grandfather at the South African Broadcasting Corporation for 3 million rand (about $ 430,000).

The death of Mandela would it be a time bomb?

         Mandela's death is a subject so sensitive in South Africa, a painting of Yuil Damaso, a white 41-year, based on the Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp by Rembrandt (1632), representing the main political leaders south Africans, while the young Nkosi Johnson, a noted AIDS orphan died at age 12, in 2001, performed the autopsy, under the gaze of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and political stars of South Africa, including Jacob Zuma, Thabo Mbeki and FW de Klerk, dressed as doctors surrounding his body was deeply shocked his family and the authorities of the ANC who had demanded that the work be removed from the gallery in Johannesburg where she was exposed in July 2010.
         "In African society, it is an act of witchcraft to kill a living person as in the so-called work of art. /...) It’s also reaching the dignity of Tata (grandfather) to show that Mandela naked, exposed to the gaze of onlookers, some of which have seen their apartheid ideals die before them. "
declared Jackson Mthembu, spokesman of the ANC.
         "He has achieved great things, he has a huge influence national and international, but the picture reminded that he is an ordinary man,"
said the painter Yuil Damaso.

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