samedi 10 décembre 2011

Spain: Condemning Jueves magazine for libel.

 On July 20, 2007, the Spanish National Court Judge Juan del Olmo ordered the withdrawal from sale of Jueves satirical magazine for its cover depicted Crown Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia in a sexually explicit position. Felipe and Letizia were married in May 2004 and are parents of two daughters, Leonor and Sofia.
         The drawing referred to a measure introduced by Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero to boost the birth rate and of offering 2,500 euros to Spanish families for any new birth or adoption.
         In this cartoon, Prince Felipe tells his wife: "Do you realize if you get pregnant, I never been so close to the feeling of working in my life."
         Judge Del Olmo has been "a deliberate act of denigration is objectively defamatory reaching the honor and dignity of the people he is close. This could be detrimental to the prestige of the Crown"
         The judge also asked the editors of the names of the cartoonists who may have defamed the royal family as well. Defaming the Spanish royal family exposes the offender to two years in prison.
         "We think it is a frontal attack against freedom of expression," said the director of "Jueves" Albert Monteys I Homer.
         Reporters Without Borders said in a statement condemned the "act of censorship" and suggested that Spain "amend the Penal Code in a more liberal".
         Shortly after the announcement of the judge's decision, articles on the drawing allegedly defamatory often-illustrated artwork that have sprung up in newspapers and on websites of radio stations in a country accustomed to feasting on harmless gossip a widely respected royal family.
         "The problem came from the foreign media frenzy," defended the publisher of "Jueves," Jose Luis Martin.
         "In 30 years of publications," Jueves "has often criticized the Spanish monarchy, and was asked by the royal family to reflect on its content before publishing, reports the Spanish daily" El Pais "on its website.
         On November 13, 2007, the Jueves cartoonists, Guillermo Torres and Manuel Fontdevila were sentenced to pay a fine of 3,000 Euros by the judge of the Public Hearing José María Vázquez Honrubia.

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