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Spain: In times of crisis, how many wins the royal family?

Queen of Spain ... Low Cost!

         In June 2009, Queen Sofia of Spain, 70 years traveled between Santander (north) and London Stansted on a plane of low-cost airline Ryanair. According to the Daily Mail, the fare of the Queen cost 13 pounds, fifteen Euros.
         A great advertisement for Ryanair who commented on the adventure with humor: "All passengers are treated like Kings and Queens at the lowest price in Europe."

A fine lesson in modesty for other European monarchs!

A 43-year-old step-son Inaki Urdangarin has no use for this exemplary modesty!

         Former professional handball player married to the Infanta Cristina, the youngest daughter of the Spanish king and queen, Inaki Urdangarin, Duke of Palma is the headlines in Spain in December 2011.
         A survey of Spanish justice for alleged corruption in Palma de Mallorca, in the archipelago, to the Noos Institute, a society of patronage which he chaired from 2004 to 2006.
         Noos Institute, a nonprofit corporation, would have been used to illegally receive government funding by the regional authorities of the Balearic Islands, according to the search warrant of business premises issued by a judge. The survey covers 2.3 million received by the corporation for the organization of the Balearic Islands Forum, a conference on tourism and sport, held in 2005 and 2006. Diego Torres, then associate of Mr. Urdangarin, has already been charged in this case.

Summoned by the king in 2006 to abandon the presidency of Noos, the Duke of Palma had accepted the same year a position with Telefonica, which had then posted to Washington in 2009, where he remains with his family.

         Judge José Castro has authorized the searches at the request of prosecutors, who believes that the Noos Institute was used to hide the activities of a network of companies which were "diverted the public and private funds" that received the same society, "for appropriate them."

The wrath of "Mr. Clean" alias HM Juan Carlos of Spain.

         What annoy the King Juan Carlos always above any suspicions of this kind since he restored democracy to Spain after the death of the caudillo Francisco Franco in 1975. He decided to exclude all activities of the royal family.
         "The conduct of Inaki Urdangarin copy does not appear, even if the presumption of innocence must be respected," said media chief of the Royal House, Rafael Spottomo, explaining the decision.
         The Duke of Palma had him, apologized Saturday for the "serious harm" caused to the image of the royal family, saying it "has nothing to do with his private business."
         Today he said he was "anxious, overwhelmed and a little shocked" by the information on the Noos Institute, said his lawyer and spokesman, Mario Pascual Vives, the news agency EFE.
         The head of the Royal House then announced the publication of details of expenditure before the end of 2011.

A well-protected secret for 36 years revealed: How much does the Spanish crown?

         When the Kingdom of Spain in crisis, struggling under record unemployment and large deficits, the "Indignant Spaniards"
needed to know how to spend their crowned heads even though it will not change their situation.
         On December 28, 2011, as a last gift you forgot to open under the tree, in a move aimed primarily transparency, the Royal House has for the first time published its annual budget by insisting that he was reduced from 8.896 million Euros in 2010 to 8,434,000 in 2011.
         At 73, the Spanish king receives an annual salary of 292,752 euros divided between treatment costs 14,519 euros and 152,233 euros representation.
         His eldest son, Crown Prince Felipe (43) receives half of that amount, or 70,260 euros and 76,117 euros in salary expenses.
Queen Sophia, Letizia, wife of Philip and the Infanta Elena and Cristina see only entertainment expenses, the amount may not exceed 375,000 euros in 2011.
         Apart from the Princess Letizia, wife of Crown Prince, fine son of the King "have never received any treatment of any kind," said the head of the Royal House.
         "All members of the royal family are subject to the payment of all taxes,"
said the statement of the Royal House.
         In comparison, the former prime minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, touched him 78,315 euros per year.
         The Royal House said for the first time since 1979 the allocation of 8.434 million euros paid by the Spanish government in 2011 and that the king can distribute "free" according to the Spanish Constitution.

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