lundi 19 décembre 2011

Switzerland / Saudi Arabia: While we were renovating, there are decapitating Witches.

The rehabilitation of the last "witches" in Switzerland.

         In August 2008, the last Swiss witch Anna Goldin was decapitated by the Grand Council of the Canton of Glarus. The Chancery of Glarus was at the time of  no confession, but Evangelical church and Protestant Church of Glarus took part in the trial.
         Servant of Dr. Johann Jacob Tschudi, Sennewald born in 1734, she was sentenced to be burned alive June 18, 1782. A museum dedicated to her was inaugurated at Mollis in September 2007. Her trial was considered a "murder by Justice"
         Taking the example of rehabilitation of Anna Goldi, the Canton of Fribourg has rehabilitated Catherine Repond nicknamed “The Cattilon” (68 years), delivered at the stake for witchcraft, after torture, by the Council of State of Fribourg on September 15, 1731. She had obtained through a single authority: to be strangled before being set on fire. She is the last witch executed 4000 in western Switzerland between the fifteenth and the eighteenth century.
         Since October 12, 2010, Catherine Repond- place Memorial in the district of Fribourg, reminds the injustice done to a poor beggar, mixed with a dark history of counterfeiters.
         It's been 229 years since it was not more witch beheaded in Switzerland, which has excellent political and economic relations with Saudi Arabia, which decapitated almost monthly women called "Witches."

Saudian women beheaded for "sorcery."

         In December 2011 or
 Dhou Al-Hijja 1433 (Hegirian year), the Saudi Amina bint Abdulhalim Nassar was beheaded in al-Jawf in the northern province of Arabia after being found guilty of practicing "witchcraft," according to the Saudi Ministry of Interior. This is at least the second execution this year for witchcraft.
         Nassar was not the first person to be executed for alleged sorcery by the Saudi government this year. In September, a Sudanese man was publicly beheaded with a sword in the city of Medina after being convicted of witchcraft.
Philip Luther, Acting Director of Amnesty International's Middle East and North Africa has condemned the murder of Nassar he described as "deeply offensive”.

         "Accusations of witchcraft are not considered crimes in Saudi Arabia and used to sentence someone to death is really appalling,"
he added.
         According to Amnesty International, at least 79 people were executed in Saudi Arabia to date in 2011 or 1433 (Hegirian year) , three times more than in 2010 or 1432 (Hegirian year). The Saudi government uses a charge of witchcraft as a smokescreen to keep people to exercise freedom of expression.

Relations between Switzerland and Saudi Arabia above suspicion!

What does Switzerland have to do with the beheading of the witches in Saudi Arabia?
         If Nassar had time to notice the bright blade of the sword which sliced ​​the neck, it would have glimpsed a small cross engraved in the Helvetic words "Made in Switzerland by Wenger."
         "But Nassar could not read English and belonged to a religious denomination which prohibits even the cross,"
this is enough to exonerate Switzerland to have sold the sword between various goods it exports to Saudi Arabia.
         The free trade agreement linking Saudi Arabia, Muslim country and Switzerland, Christian country does not provide for restriction of use of goods traded between the two countries.
         Among other uses the sword is mainly used for sacrificing sheep for the feast of breaking the fast "Eid Al-Fitr," which makes it a sacred object in Saudi Arabia. In addition to the reputation of the quality of the Swiss Army knife is the pride of the land of William Tell.
         Faced with such arguments is not to ask the iconoclastic Helvetic diplomacy to intervene with His Majesty King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud to prevent the beheading for sorcery in his kingdom while in Switzerland, this 229 years is that it is prohibited?
         But Amina bint Abdulhalim Nassar is a human person and could have been called Nicole Baumgartner, if she was born in Bern and not in al-Jawf.
         Switzerland is home to the Commission on Human Rights (Geneva) often stays where King Abdallah should not she be at the forefront of the defense of such rights especially when it comes to such barbaric crimes, banned in the civilized world as the beheading for witchcraft.
         Especially since this will not affect much the way of good business between our two countries.

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