jeudi 22 décembre 2011

Tanzania: Help, I'm hungry!

         In 1974, Tanzania experienced a famine due to drought and the creation of cooperatives and collective farms. The government did its best to provide enough food.
President Julius Nyerere (1964-1985) took the decision to visit the warehouses of the National Company of Milling. He disguised himself as a beggar and knocked on the door of the director: "Hey, You who are in it, help me, I have nothing to eat".
"Stop bugging us. There is no food here! Go buy the market" was the reply of the Director or an assistant. Nyerere continued to scream but to no avail.
The director and his assistants were busy with businessmen who bought the place the food for the hungry to sell on the market.
         Nyerere then opened the door, entered, took off his hat and revealed his identity. The director was petrified at the sight of the President of the Republic! He was fired on the spot!

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