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Argentina: these journalists are crazy!

On August 3, 1991, the psychologist (then student) Alfredo Olivera Hospital José Tiburcio Borda, the hospital's largest psychiatric hospital in Buenos Aires, founded the Radiophonic Workshop, "The Colifata" the first radio of crazy in world, designed and managed by the patients of the psychiatric hospital. It broadcasts every Saturday from the hospital 14 h to 21 h.
         This very special project was supported by celebrities around the world: the American filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola, to the former Argentine soccer star Oscar Alfredo Ruggeri, radio host Argentine Eduardo Enrique Mir known by the diminutive of Lalo Mir, the doctor and journalist Nelson Castro and the French singer of Spanish origin, Manu Chao.
         The following year, the Radio San Miguel offers them a transmitter, which seems straight out of World War II, and an antenna.
         Patients were circulating in the corridors of the hospital to test the power and scope of the issue. Then a generous donor made their gift of a Citroen, which is rapidly converted into mobile antenna.
         The project also received support from the FM La Boca. Patients were allowed to go out and enjoy its studios to learn the trade. Another radio station, FM La Tribu, they did benefit from its support by offering programs, workshops and courses.

I want to talk to my mother ...

         "Welcome to Radio La Colifata LT 22, the radio of the patients in the hospital Borda in Buenos Aires. "
Lance's lead animator.
"The Colifata (radio soft nuts) is an Argentine slang word which means crazy but in a comedy which is not aggressive,"
says the founder of the Radiophonic Workshop.
         Facilitators are called casual Colifatos address the themes and subjects which come to mind spontaneously.
         "I want to talk about my mother"
Julio launches. "It's a very nice theme," replied Manu Chao, who came a record with the patients of the hospital Borda.
         The Colifatos takes place and emotion invades everyone after a few minutes of improvisation. And all his friends want to say a word about their mother. For two hours, catches are linked. Alfredo, the initiator of the Colifata, accompanied by Laura, are attentive to the words of Colifatos.
         They sometimes occur especially that day when Eber, "the correspondent of the clouds"
began a long monologue on his favorite theme, the earth, the Pacha Mama, and everyone takes a trip into his world, Laura asks, "Eber and if you come in now? ".
         The Franco-Spanish singer is among the generous donors and the following radio for years often said: "These are exceptional people, poets and thinkers"

Everyone is entitled to happiness ...

         "Todos terremos derech ser felices"
the slogan of the LT22 Colifata proudly displayed on the tee-shirts of red Colifatos.
         "The Colifata is the best thing that ever happened to me for thirty years I've been locked up here. I look forward to Saturday now, "
says Garces, fifty years, self-proclaimed "Emperor of paranoia." It is originally the name of the LT22 Colifata.
This therapy was followed by radio over ten million listeners.

Alfredo Olivera, founder of the Colifata.

         At the age of 30 years, he worked first as a teacher, participating in the national literacy program in the slums of Buenos Aires in the eighties. After studying psychology, he took an internship at the Hospital Borda in art workshops with patients. It was then that he got the idea to create the radio to be attended patients. An idea a little crazy is not it?
         From the outset, it has hardly the means to put into practice his idea. It has neither the antenna nor the frequency of transmission with equipment loaned by a friend.
         Today, thanks to a rudimentary antenna broadcasting on 250 meters, the 1200 hospital patients can receive the broadcast live from their bedrooms. As for the external auditors, they capture the "weekly meetings" with "Colifatos" through thirty FM radio or shortwave.
         The record is mixed and then divided into "firmware" of a few minutes, small ticket moods, press reviews and interviews, broadcast, of Tierra del Fuego to Buenos Aires, for community radio stations or large networks national radio.
         Despised by some and admired by others, radio Colifata continues its merry way. "We fight every week to disseminate our program. This radio is born and dies every Saturday. Its head is a court Borda, who takes over his appearance to normal after our visit. "
More than a radio, Colifata is "the crossroads of clinical work with patients and social work. But we have suffered from the indifference of the medical team at our beginnings, who saw in this initiative a fun activity for patients, "says his founder
         Gradually, "a group of men and women diagnosed as insane began to produce a deconstruction of the mechanisms at work in our society"

First radio broadcast from the world to a mental asylum.

         In 1994, the Pan American Health Organization has designated "the world's first radio broadcast from a psychiatric hospital."
Since this year, the LT22 Radio Colifata receives all sorts of prizes and distinctions.
         When the press became interested in radio, doctors have finally looked at cases finally concluded that the best thing to do was to let it develop itself, without institutionalized, leading its essence, that is to say, its spontaneity and freedom of tone.
         Alfredo regularly participates in international meetings as well as the medical communication to explain the interest and success of his radio currently exceeds the borders of Argentina.
         At Nuremberg, Germany, a similar experiment is conducted: a program on Radio Z 95.8 MHZ is carried out by patients in a mental institution.
         In 1996, Colifata was the defeated candidate of the price of human rights in France, but the same year, she received a special award, Martin Ferrero, Argentine Academy of Radio and Television, which rewards best programs of the year.
         Today, the LT 22 Radio Colifata has its own recording studio and is broadcast on the Internet "" The and programs are broadcast in all psychiatric hospitals in Argentina.
         Its success is due to a new way to listen, openness to the irruption of the unexpected. "It was important to pay attention to the impact of the phenomenon and to create ideal conditions for this story. That is to say, a therapy event, thought an active, friendly topics through the  psychological suffering
situations, and where the radio is part of the device. "

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