jeudi 26 janvier 2012

Belgium: A tax on the stool prostitutes of Crisnée!

Since October 2008, failing to tax the prostitutes or their pimps, Philippe Goffin, the mayor of Crisnée (Province of Liege, Belgium) filled with 2906 people, has invented the tax stool.
         So far bars girls were equally taxed to the tune of 3,000 euros. Some small tenants were damaging to pay the same tax as institutions that have a larger number of girls.
         "The question was how to strike a balance. So we thought of taxing stools and other means to draw, sit or stand, "
said the mayor of Crisnée.
         The first stool costs 2,000 euros. This is the basic fee. For stools following the tax becomes regressive.
         A second stool costs 1,500 euros. It is hoped that employers do not force the girls to stand to save money.

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