dimanche 8 janvier 2012

Farewell to France, we loved so much *

         "The time has come to draw a line under this miserable adventure of Françafrique. It has been, from beginning to end, deeply abusive. All indicators show that it is sinking - which short-term risk to make it even more harmful. This is, in the coming years, to systematise the funeral.
In fact, contemporary France has not much to bring to Africa. Folded back on itself and riddled with narcissism, she is obsessed with the fantasy of a "community without strangers" and inhabited by a disorder "desire of apartheid." Africans must forget France if they want to create something new.
That said, we must save the density of human relationships forged between the Africans and the French over the centuries and, from these reports, inventing new forms of solidarity. "

* Achille Mbembe, Professor of History and Political Science at the University of Witwatersrand (Johannesburg)

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