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France: He wanted to be Caesar, he was only Pompey.

François Félix Faure, graduate tanner, leather merchant by profession was elected president of the French Republic January 17, 1895. Handsome man with a neat mustache of 58 years is called "Sun President" because of his love of ostentation.
         In 1897, he met in Chamonix, Marguerite Steinheil Japy said Meg (1869-1954), wife of the painter Adolphe Steinheil (1850-1908) who became his mistress. She often joins him in the "Blue Room" of the Elysee Palace.
On February 16, 1899, he released a stormy cabinet meeting devoted to the Dreyfus affair and received two visitors, Cardinal François-Marie-Benjamin Richard (1819-1908) and Prince Albert I of Monaco (1848-1922 ) came to intercede on behalf of the captain. Both testify before his blankly, his obvious desire to shorten the interview.           
A great lover of the fair sex, the President is known, in fact expected by a pretty woman in the little blue salon of the Elysée.
No sooner did he leave, he asked the bailiff to bring him a glass of aphrodisiac made from Cinchona, and hastens to join Marguerite Steinheil.
A few moments after his arrival, the servants rushed into the living room with a blue bell wildly. Elongated, stiff on the couch, President Faure rare, while his mistress adjusts his clothes in disarray. He died of a stroke a few moments later.
The "Journal du Peuple (People's Daily)" says that he died to have "too much sacrifice to Venus."  People will ridicule to point out that it is through oral sex, that the mistress caused orgasm which was fatal.
The priest rushed to his bedside reportedly asked: "The president has  did he regain  consciousness ?" and the servant said to have replied: "No, Father, we took him out by the back door."
         Marguerite Steinheil was called "Funeral." Georges Clemenceau (1841-1929) who did not like him, referring to his luxurious tastes would have said "He wanted to Caesar, he was only Pompey"
and his burial in the cemetery of Père-Lachaise in Paris, "Entering the void, he must have felt at home. "

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