mercredi 18 janvier 2012

Germany / China: Advertising for the condom, all but never Mao Zedong!

In April 2009, the media and Chinese netizens were outraged because of a German condom ad caricaturing Mao Zedong (1893-1976) in sperm, along with Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) and Osama bin Laden (1957-2011). For the Chinese, this is a grave insult to the Asian giant.
         Advertising was the work of the U.S. agency Grey Group, a subsidiary of global giant WPP for the German pharmaceutical company DocMorris to promote a new line of condoms.
         The campaign made only image, only hair, mustache and turban does not even show their faces. Mao was thus recognized by the cutting of hair, Hitler by his mustache, while bin Laden by his white turban and long beard.
         This advertisement was not even used by the pharmaceutical giant and Grey had to issue a statement saying he would retire wherever it was visible to the public.
         "We understand that advertising has hit the sensitivity of the Chinese for its visual reference to Chairman Mao"
Grey Group had made a sincere apology and formally contacted the Chinese Embassy in Berlin, to assure him "that unauthorized advertising would never be carried on" the agency said.
         "We have the deepest respect for China, its people, its culture and institutions,"
said the agency did not say that Hitler and bin Laden.
         What has particularly shocked the Chinese, that the founder of the People's Republic of China to be associated with Hitler and Bin Laden.
         Mao is an icon for the Chinese Communist Party in power in Beijing and some of the people of the Middle Empire.
         On its Internet portal, the People's Daily (, a body of information the Chinese Communist Party, a whole page was devoted to the case of angering some of the Chinese Internet.
But the protail, some did not share that view.
         "I am an old worker of 70 years, I thought a lot about, but I still can not understand why people defend Mao hard"
wrote one user.
         "At the time, besides the hunger and poverty, everyone had the feeling of being in danger and in a suffocating atmosphere, what a great Mao was it? "
Adds a comment, attracting a plethora of insults nationalists.
         In 2008, the French car company had apologized for using a Mao squinted at the mouth twisted in an advertisement in Spain. She was replaced by Napoleon furibard.
         And if Mao Zedong saw to its image in the world through the window of his Memorial translucent glass in the south of Tiananmen Square right in Beijing?

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