samedi 28 janvier 2012

Guinea: Lethal Weapon of Sekou Toure.

Among the weapons policies of African leaders, the voice is irreplaceable. Of all the great orators, Ahmed Sekou Toure (1922-1984), former President of Guinea was unbeatable and the history of Africa will hold his breath, his wit and oratorical art of handling the language of Voltaire.
         A few weeks before his death during a heart operation at the Cleveland Clinic in the United States March 20, 1984, the Congolese have been the last to enjoy the privilege to listen him.
         During the toasts beginning on official dinner hosted by his counterpart of Zaire, Mobutu Sese Seko in Palace of the people, Sekou Toure spoke for six hours, from 20 am to 2 am.
         Clear voice, without fail, the speaker in white robe spoke about of everything from Guinea, Zaire, Africa, the West, capitalism, communism, etc..
         The guests hungry jaws yawning bark one's shins, and the television technicians Zaire collapsed on their cameras. The ladies fell asleep on the shoulders of their husbands, ministers and ambassadors.
Everyone was stunned, even the viewers were left on their television sets.
         No one understood how much a man could speak without reading, without hesitation, without tiring.
A few weeks after that memorable visit, Zairians learned the death of Sekou Toure in part caused by the extinction of his voice!

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