mercredi 18 janvier 2012

Guinea: The prayer of Tierno Monenembo for his mother country.

"Are we doomed to know only the contempt and the whip, misery and insult? Do not you to us about your divine light to illuminate our minds in the absence of light our streets?

The many leaders that you create on earth, should we fall always the stupidest, most arrogant, most blind, the most destructive?

Poor Guinea, so far from God, so close to Camara, Sekou Toure, Lasana Conte and others of!

With each flight, the fall, at every turn of history, the worst! To think that it speaks to us than Fellag Algerian comedian when he says, reached into the abyss, they do not go back, they dig-! "

"Guinea and tyranny is Sisyphus and his rock, except that Sisyphus, one can imagine happy, that Guinea then ...."

Tierno Monénembo born July 21, 1947 at Porédaka in Guinea is a French writer, winner of the Prix Renaudot in 2008.

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