mardi 10 janvier 2012

Ivory Coast: The gallery of a foreign minister.

Amara Essy, former Foreign Minister of Ivory Coast (1990-1999), former Secretary General of the Organization of African Unity (2001) and acting president of the African Union (2002-2003) recounts his life in  "Jeune Afrique" .
"I have been busy when I was in charge of diplomacy in my country. There were so many conflicts and crises in Africa that I have not spent ten days in a row in Abidjan. I was doing in average seventy trips per year, not including official visits abroad in the wake of the head of state. Fortunately I had my children before becoming a minister ".
Indeed, he visited 185 of the 189 UN member countries and posed for a photo with 237 heads of state, kings and princes!
What a hassle! looks like an Ivorian?

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