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Ivory Coast: The Tragedy of Laurent Gbagbo *.

"Laurent, your tragedy, our tragedy is that you have not taken the measure of the role that destiny assigned to thee with you at the head of the Ivory Coast. You've seen the power that the enjoyable part. "**
          I came, Laurent. I have come to our meeting. I think you're more relaxed, more rested. More peaceful, I would say. I know you had asked as a favor to Guillaume Soro not keep you in the same house as Simone. I understand. You wanted to escape its spell. You were actually seem to have been bewitched, as your behavior in recent months was irrational.
But you know I do not think much to the history of the kind that Laurent would have been bewitched by the evil Simone. Simone and you form the two sides of the same coin. You never managed to be the leader of the Ivorian opposition without her. And you would not either reached the top of the state without her. You form an inseparable pair. Everything that happened, you wanted her all. And you were as a "socialist non-practicing" as you define yourself for yourself, a non-practicing Christian. Otherwise you would not have married a second wife-Muslim to boot. We agree?
Laurent, on Thursday, April 14, 2011, I participated in a videoconference with politicians in Kinshasa. A Congolese deputy said he found shocking images he had seen you and Simone, almost stripped, humiliated, degraded. He said that in Africa we do not undress in public leader, even if it is, let alone his wife. I told him he was absolutely right, and I also felt ashamed at seeing these pictures here, in France, where thou hast forced to take refuge. Do you remember? No? Forget it, you know I'm not resentful.
However, I explained to him that the one who stripped the head, abused and humiliated his wife, killed the Minister Desire Tagro is you, Laurent. You are the responsible for all this tragedy. You really thought you were going to beat you against the world and emerge victorious? This is Simone and her pastors who told you that? And you have believed it? You too, Laurent! I understand why you can not see the painting. You know that but the gentleness of your current jailers-indulgence that you certainly would not have had, you and yours would be men and women who died today. But you're still alive, and this is essential.
Laurant, when you came to power, you said you wanted to desecrate. We had you said it was a mistake, because the power has just one side to always keep sacred. I told you, you were wrong to arrest you in the street to eat bananas Braised that sell our women on the sidewalks. You wanted to do "people." But ultimately, you have desecrated the power well. Or was you who stood for. So you've desecrated. Are you surprised that your political career ends and, in this picture of you in vest, wipe your armpits with a towel, and your wife, who was the most powerful country, disheveled, and brutalized humiliated by soldiers?
Laurent, what a story! What a story! So what has happened to you, we did dream when we were students, you who were one of the fathers of our democracy, and you finish? Have you noticed that nobody in the world do you complain? Person. Except for matters of principle, as the member felt that a Congolese leader, even fallen, should be treated with respect.
         Laurent, you have all the time now to reflect on your way to the head of our country. I'll help you there.
Laurent, your tragedy, our tragedy is that you have not taken the measure of the role that destiny assigned to thee with you at the head of the Ivory Coast. You've seen the power side enjoyable. And all the great political skill that your opponents are forced to recognize you have served as preserve your power, just to enjoy it. Just a few examples among thousands, Laurent.
What need were you when you said that your country was at war, to make an exhibition on yourself before the television cameras in a Mercedes Maybach, shown in Ivory Coast as the most expensive car of the world, you walk on a yacht on the Ebrie lagoon in the company of some of your ministers, to tell us that you were treating your teeth in Morocco, to take Jack Lang “Rue Pricensses”, the street of our destruction, we who were the dregs of your society ?

You are behaving like a new rich, as a "grazer".

Do you realize today that you behave like a new rich, as a "grazer", that is to say one of those young people who defraud naive Internet and will burn their earnings in the bush and boxes night, bought expensive clothes, luxury cars, just to impress friends and girlfriends? You did not understand, Laurent, that the power is above all bondage. Yes, being in power is to serve a people, a vision. What was your vision, Laurent?
You only spoke of your vision of society that came down to universal health insurance for the Ivorians, decentralization, and free schooling. It was a bit short and vision, Laurent. It was much later, when you were faced with the difficulties that you have your hat out of the struggle for the dignity of your people, for its true independence.
         But if indeed it was your vision, what did you do to turn it into reality? This is not for you the teacher that I learn to give dignity to a people for freedom from domination, it must be put to work, teach simple values ​​such as honesty, the taste of work.
What have you done with school, Laurent? You know you can talk about independence as a people you do not have well-trained, well equipped to understand the world around him, its technology, its science. What did you do in school? You have delivered to the Student and School Federation of Ivory Coast, FESCI, who sacked. A former student union has become a mafia killing, extortion, rape, and was protecting you.
I understand your logic Laurent. It is by manipulating the school that you were able to shake the power of Houphouet-Boigny, the "father" of the Ivory Coast, who reigned from 1960 to 1993, you've finally brought down those of  Bédié and Robert Guei. You know your real opposition could only come from the school. So you gave carte blanche to Fesci for it stifles any challenge from the school. So she killed those students who wanted to create competing unions.
         Do you remember the young Habib Dodo, hanged by his friends on campus, without any of your attorneys so quick to prosecute journalists who offended their opinion in their writing your August is no room for an investigation?

Carte blanche to unemployed youth.

You have also given a free hand to unemployed youth so that they also stifle any challenge that comes from the street. Back in 2001, when women took to the streets of the Plateau to go to complain about the high cost of living, they were beaten by the so-called "sorbonnards." And they were received by your Prime Minister Affi N'Guessan, who congratulated them for the good work they had done.
So you killed the school to protect your power. For what have you replaced? As you call the "agora" and "parliaments" and you had installed in all neighborhoods in all cities. What were they?
         A criss-cross all areas and locate all your opponents, and distilled hatred and lies. And then you have allowed to develop the underground, bars, places of debauchery. What city in your country did not have his "rue Princesse", the streets occupied by noisy scrub, where girls have no choice but to go into prostitution? Many of your relatives were also owners of these places. Thus, rather than forming your youth for it to take over, so that it becomes free, you chose to brutalize. And you're able to.
Having closed all the sources of dispute in your power, you've delivered to his delight. First money. Let's talk. You complained Bédié time that he has provided funding of sovereignty to the tune of 15 billion CFA francs per year (22.8 million). You you started 27 billion, exceeding 70 billion at the end of your kingdom (106.7 million). The funds of sovereignty, it is the money that the head of state could give itself to us without having to justify its use.
And then you left all your loved ones as they could fly. You call this "upgrade." It was you to be as rich as those who had ruled the country for over thirty years. And that, to get rich, you're very rich. In mocking the people. Money cocoa, oil, drugs, trafficking of all possible-nothing has escaped you. Asked about the shameless enrichment of yours, you had said on television: "The wheel turns. There were people who had nothing and have become suddenly rich. It's the same today. But it's not just my family who fly. "
Lust in which you and yours you wallow.
Do you remember these words, Laurent? I will not speak of lust in which you and yours and you wallow gorges that were hot in the maquis of Abidjan, the moral depravity that you endorsed, competitions sold to the highest bidder, fornication erected mode Government, the enrichment of some of your relatives on the fatal toxic waste. Are you really surprised that all this ends this way?
Finally, what have you left as a trace at the end of your ten years in power? You do not build one school, one university, one hospital. Just hideous monuments of thy people rushed to destroy as soon as you fell. I know you always said it was the fault of the war. Let's talk about this war.
I have always said that one of the first responsibilities of the head of a state is to ensure safety. It is for this reason that we put at his disposal an army. What did you do to avoid this war, Lawrence? Let's go to the root. You came to power in your country when he was torn between North and South. Some soldiers northerners who had made the coup with Robert Guei were pursued by the latter. All that we asked you, you, the new president of the Ivory Coast, was to reconcile them.
What had you to keep the proceedings by Guei? What did you prevent Alassane Ouattara to stand for legislation? Why did you let your gendarmes and police kill and rape supporters of Ouattara? Why have not you endorsed the conclusions of the Forum of reconciliation that you had yourself called, and asked you to give a certificate of citizenship to Ouattara and revise the Constitution? Why did you hunt northerners continued to refuse to recognize their Ivorian citizenship?
So why are you playing to surprised when people from the north took up arms against you? In February 2001, you had suffered a first attack that you had successfully repelled. How can you be surprised in September 2002, when everyone in the Ivory Coast was aware that your army deserters who were preparing to Burkina Faso?
         Your interior minister at the time, Boga Doudou had not he said he knew exactly what they were going to bars to drink, what red lights they stopped? Blaise Compaore did he or not, says finding a way to go home all of your army deserters who were with him?
So tell us, once and for all: how could you leave you surprised? I'm sorry Lawrence, but this war you always used to justify all your abuse, all your shortcomings, all your shortcomings, it was you who you want. Do not you want would you by any chance to get rid of your political opponents? Robert Guei died. Ouattara and Bedie have life was saved by a miracle. Never would you not also used to clean your own camp? Should one day you tell us the truth about the death of Robert Guei and Boga Doudou.
You justify any war Laurent. Yet it was during this war that you and Simone you build your palace in your respective villages, you have begun to build new ones in Yamoussoukro, alongside those qu'Houphouët-Boigny had left and you had left, that you are displaying your wealth, you were to offer dozens of shiny cars to your family on the eve of the new year.
Let's talk about blood, Lawrence. It began to flow on the day you became president. And it never sank as much as during these last four months of your power usurped. Between the beginning and the end, how many dead, Lawrence? The mass grave at Yopougon, victims of your death squads, the people murdered by your Cecos, your Command Center Security Operations, opponents killed in March 2004, victims of the rebellion, the victims of your bombing of Bouaké and Korhogo, the dead of the intersection of the Ivorian Radio and Television ... Laurent, would they then reason, these Ivorians who say you wanted your power of a kind of evil genius who always need to drink blood?
I leave you, Laurent. I leave you to your conscience. Ask her, now that you're trying to find peace in your soul. She will tell you maybe what you should do to obtain forgiveness of your people and history. Tiken Jah Fakoly said that Ivorians are not bad, but we made them bad. It is you who have made the wicked. Now they will become themselves, they could perhaps forgive. It's up to you what to do. Since Simone is far from you now.
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* Article by Venance Konan, CEO of media group “Fraternité Matin”(Brotherhood Morning), Ivory Coast.
** On November 30, 2011, Laurent Gbagbo has been transferred to the ICC in The Hague, where he is imprisoned in Dutch prison in Scheveningen.

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