mercredi 18 janvier 2012

Liechteinstein: Banking secrecy saves lives.

In August 2009, Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein (67) stated that banking secrecy saves lives.
         "We and the Swiss, we saved a lot of people, especially Jews, with banking secrecy. Many lives continue to be saved in third world countries run by bloodthirsty dictators,"
said the Prince Hans-Adam II, reported the daily Volksblatt.
         His remarks particularly shocked the Jewish community in Germany which saw a recovery of the Holocaust to defend banking secrecy.
         These statements seemed particularly moved when Germany and Britain were trying to curb tax evasion to his principality by putting pressure on local authorities.
         Liechtenstein had signed one week rather an agreement with the United Kingdom by which it agrees to restrict the tax loopholes and back 1.16 billion in unpaid tax revenue to the British government.
         The newspaper "The Guardian" on this occasion had welcomed the signing of an agreement "unprecedented".
         Came to power after the death of his father Franz Joseph II in November 1989, Hans-Adam II is the head of a fortune estimated in 2008 to $ 5 billion and has particular the most valuable private art collection in the world.
         The Principality of Liechtenstein, independent since 12 July 1806 is located in the Alps between Switzerland and Austria. With an area of ​​only 160.5 km2, inhabited by 34,498 people, it is the fourth smallest independent state in Europe after the Vatican, Monaco and San Marino.

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