mercredi 4 janvier 2012

Mobutu's Zaire: Presidential Gift Free and suspect.

         President Mobutu Sese Seko (1930-1997) decided to transform the resort village of Gbadolite in northern Ecuador in "Versailles of the Jungle." He built buildings and villas. He provides free villas and apartments for his family (nephews, cousins, aunts, half-brothers, uncles, etc ...).
After the presidential address, the happy recipients of the generosity of the Revolution Guide Zaire cheer and fall into the estate the entire time of Mobutu in the city. The next day they disappear into the forest surrounding Gbadolite ... forever!
Two days later, villas and apartments are occupied by tenants (general, officials, aid workers, missionaries ...) without lease or rent to pay.
This does not discourage Mobutu, who import Swiss cows to feed his hometown of meat and milk. But now, milk either not part of the eating habits of his tribe of hunters, gatherers and fishermen.
In 1988, he decided to implement Argentine sheep. Maybe they prefer tender meat of sheep? Think the guide of the Zairian Revolution? And to hasten their reproduction, it is virtually heifers term! He had planned to practice artificial insemination to their offspring.
Nothing to do, Ngbandi and Ngbaka prefer their monkey meat and smoked antelope, sprinkled with palm wine. Especially the sheep exhausted by the flight-cargo did not appreciate this little South-South cooperation. Lack of adequate grazing and climate, sheep wither day by day to the chagrin of veterinary plump living on the hook of the Presidency of the Republic.

Private zoo to attract tourists.

Even better, in 1989 to attract tourists to "Gbado," he decided to create a private zoo with ostriches imported from South Africa whose feast the exhausted soldiers of the Alliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Congo ( AFDL) with Laurent Kabila in 1997!
When the latter ousted in May 1997, Mobutu fled Gbadolite to his final destination of Rabat in Morocco after the cremated remains of his first wife Marie-Antoinette (d. 1977) and the former President of Rwanda, Juvenal Habyarimana (who died in April 1994), which his followers had told him the remains!
His three huge palace in Carrara marble and granite from Brazil were looted and dismantled stone by stone ... then immediately invaded by tropical vegetation.
Only the bed of the Zairean dictator remained almost intact. And for good reason, it is a kind of pink marble tub-shaped cross. A huge royal bed remote that could rise to enjoy the view, or lower in the thickness of the stone ... impossible to  dismantle!

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