jeudi 12 janvier 2012

Morocco: The currency of Morocco and the football.

On September 29, 2008, Yassine Belassal, young student of the region of Marrakech was sentenced by Moroccan justice to eighteen months of prison for insulting the king. He had changed in his class, the currency of Morocco.
Football fan, he tagged in her class, "God, Country, Barca" instead of "God, Homeland, King (Allah, Al ouatane, Al Malik)" substitute Barca, the name of his favorite team, the FC Barcelona, on behalf of the king.
The currency of Morocco, however, related to Football. Indeed, it was in 1969 that King Hassan II decided to attach the motto "God, Homeland, The King" at the end of the national anthem "Manbita alhar al-(Cradle of free men)" composed by the poet Ali Squalli Houssaini on the music of Leo Morgan.
He wanted to allow the national football team (Captain Driss Bamous) qualified for the World Cup in Mexico, something to hum during the presentation of traditional hymns, broadcast on television worldwide.
Ironically, June 3, 1970, when the Moroccan national anthem was heard in the stadium of Mexico, Faras, Houmane and their teammates had not even had time to learn properly Skalli couplets, full of formulas convoluted and phrases learned.
Suddenly, the world has actually admired eleven Moroccans, trying somehow to move his lips, to sing to outdo their national anthem!

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