dimanche 1 janvier 2012

South Africa: "I am retiring" speech by Nelson Mandela to meditate.

"I'll have 86 years in a few weeks, and it is a longer life than that which was right most of the people. I have more chance of being very healthy, at least what my doctors say.

"I'm sure someone here today will accuse me of selfishness if I ask to spend time while I'm still healthy, with my friends and also with myself.

"One of the reasons that made me want to return to prison is that I had so little leisure for reading, thinking and quiet reflection after my release. I intend, among other things, to devote more time to reading and reflection. And of course there are those memoirs about the years that require very presidential, now urgent attention.

"When I told one of my advisers, a few months ago, I wanted to retire, he gave me:" But you're retired. "If this is indeed the case, I should say today that I announce that I retire from my retirement.

"I'm not going to cut completely with my public, but now I want to be in a position to ask you if you want to see me, rather than someone who is asked to things and have activities. My message is therefore: do not you show, do not call me, I manifest myself and that, and if you call (...).

"Thank you for your attention and thank you for your kindness to an elderly gentleman, thank you to allow him to rest, even if many of you think that after twenty-seven years twiddling their thumbs on an island and d other places the extra rest is not really deserved. "

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