dimanche 1 janvier 2012

South Korea: The double of Kim Jong-Il took early retirement.

"Coming out of the shower one day, my hair took a baggy shape. They told me I looked like Kim Jong-Il."
So it's purely by accident that the game has taken quite by chance.
         For ten years, the South Korean shop owner in the suburbs of Seoul, Kim Young-Sik, father of 61 years played the double of the North Korean communist dictator, Kim Jong-Il, who led his country for 17 years.
         In 1995 he played the role of Kim Jong-Il in the feature film "The Rose of Sharon Blooms Again,"
based on the novel by Kim Jin-myung and directed by Chong Jin-woo tells the epic story of a scientist secretly helping North Korea to acquire nuclear weapons to prevent a Japanese invasion.
         His career as a lookalike was facilitated by the policy of dialogue with the North, launched in the late 1990s by the South Korean President Kim Dae-Jung.
"People began to notice me and invite me to a lot of TV shows,"
said Kim Young-Sik.
         Since then he has rubbed shoulders with the followers of other world leaders, including look-alikes of George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin.

To get under the skin of a model atypical.

         Look like a leader whose country experienced a devastating famine in the 1990s and put thousands of opponents is not always easy.
         "They insulted me, I was treated to dictator, but those who know me greeted me shouting" Kim Jong-Il! ".
         “I pay their salvation in the manner of Kim." Says just the actor in South Korea.
         He had to work his character to look like as two peas in his model. Her hairdresser reconstructed every three months the permanent lookalike who even changed his appearance as the weight loss of Kim Jong-Il after his remarkable cardiovascular event in 2008.
         "When Kim Jong-Il was young, I used the spray for my hair. When he got older and started losing his hair, it was no longer necessary."

         Kim Young-Sik has five pairs of shoes with heels and four different costumes, inspired by outfits worn by the North Korean leader, including his famous set jacket and khaki pants.

Early painful retirement.

         "I feel empty, as if a part of me was dead. People try to comfort me by telling me that certain personalities become more famous after its death, but I do not think this is the case of Kim,"
explains he said.
         Since the death of the "Dear Leader" Kim Jong-Il December 17, 2011, South Korean actor is stored in the closet the famous khaki jacket a number of North Korean, which allowed him to pass on Japanese television and to appear in an advertisement in the Middle East.
         "Before, I wore them every day. It's a shame, I can no longer put them,"
he laments.
         He wanted to meet his model Kim Jong-Il during his lifetime, but the tourist visa to visit North Korea was refused.
         "Kim was a great man in some way. It was certainly a dictator, but he built his country as a person. You think someone else could do the same?"
At a time when the youngest son of the deceased, Kim Jong-Un, took over, Kim Young-Sik think it must also go out to the younger generation.
         "I continue to interpret Kim Jong-Il, but they will find someone to imitate Kim Jong-Un. I was asked if my son like him, but no. Otherwise, I would have led to an audition! "
he said, melancholy.

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