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Switzerland: Geneva lawyer Marc Bonnant, master of words.

"Language is an integral part of thought. We think in words. We think with words. We think in the language. " Marc Bonnant *.

The exemplary normality of Mark Muller* .

The future president of the Franks and some alien tribes campaigned on the theme of normality. Aware of whether or stratagem designed by some offices in charge of the communication, regardless of the argument focused.
Adding, as befits the image to the word, Mr. François Hollande was photographed near a shopping mall perched on a moped bike, helmet. An air fool. Population at the seams. Polls have shuddered. The rating of the candidate he is found immediately strengthened.
Historians and philosophers have theorized the banality of evil. In sociology today to comment on the virtue of banality.
The ordinary man like. Only someone who looks like together. That may be what democracy: government of moderates, by the moderate.
Only self-oriented to drive the City that other myself ... modest.
The “turba mecanica” is soothed, and the ash, between them the number there's something.
It is not clear, this finding is, the doom reserved for Mark Muller.
Imagine the facts: our state councilor is nabbed as he is “irrume” a casserole or woman of his life in an alternate moves right bank. It was Christmas Eve. Festive jig. The aedile Geneva would have assuaged the toilet staff. Bad taste. Behavior not moved, but downgraded.
         The only criticism we can make it. It is true that long ago, the Liberal Party is no longer that of the patricians, mindful of the social hierarchies and ... urinals.

He blow the impudent boor.

A bartender, Protestant and bashful, as befits any tavern holding, takes offense at the scene or simply enraged not be the officiant. He tance advise state and reprimanded the damsel of value judgments too quick.
Knightly, Mark Muller responds: the right hand, he rebraguette of the disaster, he blow the impudent boor. Nothing in the skit-likely instruction is being-that of the ordinary. Mark Muller has come to power because he is a man like other men. A being of flesh. It is normal for elected stands. Subject to the subordinate place of its games, just very ordinary, then copy that, given the prevailing ideology.
One would have welcomed this behavior precisely because he is common.
Now that's the press decides otherwise. Unanimously. This is not one of my least surprise to see that, despite the plurality of tracks, the identity of the media, all media combined. Same approach, even modest references, even minimalist, or needy, even moral to two bullets. Their criticism is a conformist.
The ancients distinguished the authority of power. It depends on the status, this one to be. The authority is inherent in the function, the authority to a certain intensity of man. The media has definitely shifted from the authority in power. Today, they are important because they are not because of media and because those who are speech or pen would have some qualities or special gifts.

The beautiful Esther* suddenly Torquemada or Savonarola.

Journalists have the right to life and death on the event. They flush out, they give birth by making it known, they give the magnitude of the comment; consider and ultimately force the Justice who is blameless and ... fears that the public and his messengers.
There is no business Mark Muller. Specifically, there would be no business if journalists at the thought disconvenue had decided on the occasion of nothing, to relieve boredom: a subject can finally on the horizon of their dreary plain.
The Tribune de Genève has launched the quarry, Television Suisse Romande sounded the death. In a Tuesday night Infrared, the beautiful Esther, kind of this, suddenly Torquemada* or Savonarola * , for the fine art of its metamorphoses, delivered his indictment. In a rebellious spirit about everyone acquiesça. By docility, cowardice or political interest.
Irreversibly, the fate of Mark Muller has played well ... on a tray.
And as so often, alas, it is the journalists who have rolled the dice.

* Article published in "Sunday Morning" from January 29, 2012 penned by Marc Bonnant, born in 1944 in Ticino is former president and lawyer in Geneva. Dubbed the "Mozart of the bar," he is considered one of the best speakers in Switzerland. He is a Knight of the Order of the Legion of Honor and winner of the influence of the French.

* Mark Muller, born in 1964, a lawyer by training, is State Councillor of the Republic and Canton of Geneva, in charge of the department of buildings and information technology since December 2005.

* Girolama Savonarola, born in Florence in 1452, was a monk dominicain, scholastic. Influential contributor to the policy of Florence from 1494 until his execution in 1498. He preached vehemently against the moral corruption of most of the clergy during the renaissance. His main opponent, Rodrigo Borgia (1431-1503) was elected Pope in 1492 under the name of Alexander VI, by his death.

* Mrs Esther Mamarbachi is journalist to the "Télévision Suisse Romande"

* Tomas de Torquemada was born in Valladolid in 1420-1498), Spanish monk dominicain exercised the functions of the Grand Inquisitor of Spain from 1483 until his death in Avila in 1498.

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